This July, Menís Wearhouse will host its fifth annual National Suit Drive to give unemployed men a chance to look their best as they re-enter the workforce. Each year, National Suit Drive, the nationís largest collection of gently used business attire for men, encourages Americans to transform their unwanted businesswear into a fresh start for millions of disadvantaged workers still facing joblessness.
men's wearhouse suit drive

In 2012, more than 900 Menís Wearhouse and Menís Wearhouse and Tux stores collectively hope to gather 110,000 items through National Suit Drive and distribute them to approximately 200 nonprofit organizations around the country. Together, these organizations offer support when unemployed Americans need it most:

  • Building Them Up: For many men with barriers to employment, the clothing they receive through National Suit Drive gives them a confident first step toward a second chance. Partnering nonprofit organizations provide essential skills and training that will help transform these men on their journey to self-sufficiency.

  • Filling the Gap: Despite 3.5 million jobs currently available, 42.8% of unemployed Americans have been jobless for at least 27 weeks, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Companies are hiring, yet wavering optimism leaves unemployed Americans hesitant, and National Suit Drive helps rebuild their confidence.

  • Dressing the Part: Americans agree that the way a man dresses says a lot about his character. According to the nationwide Well-Dressed Men Survey, 67% of Americans polled believe well-dressed men are more confident, and 55% believe theyíre more sophisticated ó proving that the power of a suit cannot be underestimated in the workplace.

Thank you for reading this menís fashion company news article on the Fashion Newspaper.  It is nice to see that they are supporting unemployed men jump start their careers.

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