Refinery29, the leading digital style and shopping site, announces the launch of a vibrant e-commerce platform, R29 Shops, which puts the brand's signature style content at the heart of the shopping experience. Created as an essential complement to the site's innovative editorial and custom programming, Refinery29's new e-commerce expansion provides more than 5 million monthly visitors with a complete entertainment-driven shopping experience. 

"High-quality, style-minded entertainment is Refinery29's calling card," says co-founder and CEO Philippe von Borries. It's really about making the commerce experience come alive through entertainment. The authentic merging of content and commerce is at the heart of Refinery29." 

Equal parts inspiration and accessible resource, Refinery29's new commerce channel will feature original content designed to showcase a variety of popular brands, including Steven Alan, Erin Fetherston, Rebecca Minkoff, Keds Apparel and Clare Vivier through custom collaborations, mini boutiques, pre-orders, vouchers, and more. "In growing our commerce, we're thinking about our readers every step of the way and how product can be framed more effectively," says editor-in-chief, Christene Barberich. "Like us, our readers like to shop in a variety of ways, whether it's for the new Celine bag on Net-a-Porter or for a vintage statement necklace on eBay. So, we're really looking at how we can create a cohesive entertainment experience that caters to the way modern women build their wardrobes." 

The launch of the new platform comes on the heels of major company milestones — reaching more than 1 million email subscribers and surpassing more than 60 million pageviews/month. Some of the original programming will include exclusive editor closet sales (each combining a charity component), curated mini boutiques, one-on-one stylist interviews, how-to videos, original beauty features, and illustrated guides to inform readers on how to shop for their body-type. 

"Ultimately, this is the first phase of the R29 commerce experience, pushing the envelope on how exceptional content can make shopping more satisfying and resourceful," says von Borries. "By merging content, commerce, and custom advertising, we're re-imagining what the digital media company of the future could look like, all while enabling readers to connect with the best brands in the world in a setting that feels truly authentic." 

About Refinery29
Refinery29 is the cornerstone of fashion, beauty, and shopping for a new generation. Combining daily local newsletter editions and a website that serves as a global style hub, Refinery29 offers the only 360-degree source for shopping, exclusive deals, trends, beauty news, local hot-spots, and at-home sneak-peeks of fashion's finest. At Refinery29, great style isn't just a one-way obsession—it's a fast-changing world where readers talk, designers, brands, and shop-keepers engage, and great fashion influences everything.

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