Woman come in all different shapes and sizes, so does the swimwear that can be worn. From a bikini to a one-piece swimsuite, there are many different styles of swimwear that suits your body shape and size; whether that be petit, pear shapes or athletic. Having the right swimwear for your figure can flatter it and help you look at yourself in a whole new light- and help you gain the confidence you need when you are stripping down to your swimwear in the summer months.

A pear body shape often is smaller on top and wider at the bottom- often having wide hips and small bust. Using the waist to balance out the shape of the pear-shapes body can work well- so looking for a balcony style bikini bottoms simple- having a short-type cut can help  give more coverage and support.

Tall and slander types, whilst many may desire theyir body shape, still can have problems with choosing the right swimsuit. Bikinis look good and bright colours can be worn, along with embellishments to the swimwear, especially round the hips and bust line. Patterns and frills are also good for the slender figure- giving the illusion of curves, and horizontal stripes are good for broadening the frame at the hips and breasts.

For the plus-sized woman out there, there are many plus-sized swimsuits designed for their body shape. Having sturdy straps and the support in the bra area can be essential, and having coverage over the top of the legs can also increase confidence. 
Halter-top swimsuits can also provide the support whilst adding in cleavage. Avoiding horizontal stripes is

recommended, but having a swimsuit that has a belt accessory can crinch in the waist and accentuate the curves in the complementary way.

Athletic shapes can wear many different types of swimwear, but like tall woman, often have a very "straight up and down" figure, also being quite defines. Choosing certain bold prints for a bikini can soften the hard lines of the frame, and ruched detail to the bikini can also emphisse the bust. Drawing attention to the legs, a high-waited bikini bottom cut works well for this type of body shape.

While there are many other types of body shape out there, these give a tester to many types of swimsuites available on the high street, from
bikini wholesalers and other independent shops. The best methos is to experiment with different types of swimwear and see which ones flatter the figure the most.