Denver-based Apera, a revolutionary sports bag company, today introduced its flagship line of cutting-edge, intelligently designed, healthy sports bags.

Designed For Social-Athletes

Apera designed its line of bags in response to evolving health and fitness trends where athletes require more from their sports bag. These athletes don't settle for traditional workouts and instead look to incorporate an evolved fitness routine into their lifestyle. Called the Social-Athlete, today's athletes participate in a variety of fitness activities that combine both their athletic and social lifestyle. With higher expectations for their fitness routine comes a heightened expectation for their gear.

"The reality is that although the fitness and health habits of athletes are evolving, current sports bags remain unchanged," said Apera Founder Andrew Youngs. "Looking at the products available today, you'll find bags are unorganized, unhealthy and comprised of inferior materials – they are not made for athletes demanding sophistication and performance from their gear. Apera is proud to introduce our new line of duffels, totes and backpacks to not only fill a market void, but address the needs of Social-Athletes everywhere."

A Healthier Bag

A recent Apera survey conducted by Harris Interactive found that 46 percent of responding sports bag owners "never" or "rarely" wash or wipe down their sports bag. With studies emphasizing how communal settings such as gyms present higher risk for skin infections and infectious diseases, the need for a healthy sports bag is of growing importance.

This is why all of the new Apera bags are comprised of a groundbreaking antimicrobial protective shield that resists the formation and attachment of bacteria and odor on both the inside, and outside of the entire bag. The bags also have ventilated compartments, wipeable linings and washable inserts, ensuring they stay clean, odor-free and most importantly, healthy.

Apera bags also feature intelligently designed wet, dry and tech storage areas to provide an easy and intuitive way to keep items organized. The innovative design includes separated vented shoe compartments with wipeable linings, pockets designed specifically for your sports essentials including gear, water bottles and technology.

"Athletes expect their bag, like themselves, to perform across multiple events and activities while complementing their overall lifestyles," said Frank Steed, president of Apera Bags. "Apera's revolutionary and innovative line of healthy sports bags addresses this need with antimicrobial protection, washable inserts and breathable compartments."

Inspiration For All

In addition to the new pure sport bag offerings, Apera is committed to inspiring all athletes by creating a unique partnership with the Special Olympics. For every three bags Apera sells, they will donate one bag to a Special Olympics athlete.

Apera's new line includes the following products:

Performance Duffel:  (MSRP: $151.00) The PureSport Performance Duffel provides voluminous storage space for all workout apparel and items. Antimicrobial protection covers the inside and outside of the bag. Product highlights include two separate and dedicated shoe storage areas, while an expansive interior holds additional clothing and gear. Ventilated compartments, waterproof base and wipeable linings keep the bag clean and dry.

Duffel Pack: (MSRP: $141.00) The PureSport Duffel Pack is an advanced sport backpack in every sense of the word, with antimicrobial protection throughout, as well as convenient (and unique) interior access at the back of the bag. Additional highlights include two separate shoe and water bottle storage areas with ventilated compartments, waterproof base and wipeable linings to keep the bag clean and dry. The Duffel Pack is the perfect bag for transporting items to the next group-based exercise or activity.

Sling Tote: (MSRP: $131.00) The PureSport Sling Tote is the perfect companion for a trip to the next yoga, Pilates or indoor cycling class with antimicrobial protection throughout and intuitive organization to store items where they're needed. The tote is complemented by a comfortable shoulder sling and ventilated compartments, waterproof base and wipeable linings to keep the bag clean and dry.

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About Apera

Apera, founded in 2012, is a revolutionary sports bag company designing bags for today's Social-Athlete and committed to inspiring all athletes. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, the company is led by industry veterans Andrew Youngs and Frank Steed, who together possess more than three decades of experience in the retail, bags and luggage business. With their deep industry expertise, Youngs and Steed saw a void in the sports bag market despite the multitude of sports bags available. They realized today's bags are unorganized, targeted to a younger consumer and made with inferior quality materials that don't protect athletes from harmful bacteria and odor. Youngs and Steed also noticed that while athletes' health and fitness habits have continued to evolve, sports bags have largely remained unchanged.

Apera is pioneering a new sports bag market that embraces the fitness evolution from individual to social fitness activities by producing intelligently designed, healthy, pure sports bags. Apera has a deep understanding of what today's athletes expect from themselves, their gear and their sports bag. 

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