POSHGLAM Branches Website Into Business Ventures And Collaborations

Kimberly E. Stone, founder of POSHGLAM.com—is a model and entrepreneur with a knack for recognizing creative talent and pinpointing successful lines. Stone started POSHGLAM as a small side venture in college and with a little push, the website began to take reign in the online fashion realm. 

POSHGLAM has spread to international markets gaining a mass readership in more than 147 countries, serving pertinent news on designers and brands, events and trends making it a great place to browse, shop, interact and discover.

"When I first created POSHGLAM, I wanted women everywhere to be able to refer to the catch phrase "POSHGLAM" when chatting with girlfriends, and sales associates alike, to define items they think are stylish and glamorous," Stone said. "POSHGLAM has grown from a catch phrase to fun collaborations, fundraisers and a booming business." 

POSHGLAM has partnered on various fashion events with companies such as Foley + Corinna, and has raised funds for charity organizations such as Children of the Night and the Breast Cancer Center at St. Luke's Roosevelt, to name a few.

The city columns are comprised of London: POSHGLAM.co.uk, Paris: POSHGLAM.fr, Milan: POSHGLAM.it, Johannesburg: POSHGLAM.co.za, Mumbai & New Delhi: POSHGLAM.in. During the coming months and weeks the site will launch each individual column according the cultural implications of the region. Founder Kimberly Stone is "looking forward to embracing the diversity of the world around and helping to showcase as many talented emerging designers around the globe as possible" she is very optimistic about the site's continued success and hopes to re-launch the site as a vehicle to help emerging luxe designers sell their creations around the world. Stone surrounds herself with other likeminded fashion forward individuals to help further establish POSHGLAM, and attributes its success to the many helping hands that have assisted along the way.  

Stone has been featured in numerous media outlets for her accolades in social media and for her expertise in launching a website as a side venture, and growing it into a mega social market. Stone builds upon POSHGLAM, creating an online fashion enterprise that is more than just a blog, it's an emerging fashion platform.


Launched in May 2005, POSHGLAM.com is the "brain child" of Kimberly Stone—fashion entrepreneur, model and innovator, her smart sense of fashion has been featured in Daily Candy, InStyle, Betty Confidential, StyleCaster, CNN, Uptown, MSN, TheGloss.com on Fox 5, Porfolio.com many other outlets. She was recently featured on TheGrio.com for her social media strategy and was named one of Black Enterprise's Top 10 Young Women of Power.

POSHGLAM supports established and emerging luxury designers and sets the standard for what's new in the world of fashion. POSHGLAM prides itself on giving its readers exciting and pertinent news on designers and brands, events, and trends - making it a great place to browse, shop, interact and discover. 

POSHGLAM's diverse group of writers - with loads of personality and varying tastes - give POSHGLAM a witty tone that equally matches the attitude that accompanies a true style maven, and helps the reader gain a greater knowledge of luxury emerging brands from a fashion gossip's perspective. POSHGLAM promotes artistic expression and makes the hard-to-find well known. The POSHGLAM philosophy is simple -combine the grace of glamour with the sophisticated opulence of the fashion world as a luxury digital media outlet.