The world is shocked when China's first female astronaut waves her hands in space!

China's Shenzhou-9 manned spacecraft has carried three astronauts into space, declaring the country's vision of becoming the world's aerospace leader and capturing the whole world's attention in the process. On the historic spaceflight, a heroine, representing the dignity and pride of hundreds of millions of Chinese women, became China's first female astronaut. She demonstrated her calm, persistence and bravery when faced with challenges in space, showing the world the beauty of oriental women. Fiyta's Aeronautics Collection, serving as a timekeeper for a space mission again, was present to explore space with China's first female astronaut.

An insider from China's Ministry of Aviation Industry said any instrument or equipment serving the trip into space, especially the timekeeper, must be of high accuracy and precision to adapt to the harsh environment and unpredictable conditions that may be encountered. The astronaut in space needs to have the time synchronized with the command center to complete their work successfully. Thus, Fiyta must ensure the high quality and state-of-the-art technologies of its Aeronautics Collection as the exclusive wristwatch for China's first female astronaut sent into space aboard the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft.

Fiyta's Aeronautics Collection captures "China's Moment" in the world's aerospace history. Fiyta is the only supplier of space watches to the China Astronaut Research and Training Center. Over the past few years, Fiyta's Aeronautics Collection has accompanied astronauts during space flights. After undergoing extreme cold and heat as well as rigorous tests in the weightlessness of outer space, the collection has always been committed to its missions. They assist Chinese astronauts in carrying out a variety of explorations, uncovering the secrets of space. They help fight against extreme environments, as their stability and precision allow astronauts to easily stay away from any unexpected dangers. In face of harsh conditions, they have gone beyond time keeping and become a symbol of courage and bravery. Thanks to its superior quality, Fiyta's Aeronautics Collection, which comes from China, has been a witness to history over time.

There is no end to exploration. Curiosity and aspiration drive human beings to look up at space and explore, while strong technology and strength allow us to return triumphantly again and again. Progressiveness is our everlasting theme and also the watch making spirit of Fiyta.

Today, Fiyta's Aeronautics Collection was sent into space with China's first female astronaut. This is the first exclusive wristwatch for a female astronaut that has adopted wiry enamel craft, inspired by the graceful flying apsaras in Dunhuang frescoes. It is just like a goddess flying in the vast night sky. At this moment, the perfect combination of the immemorial flying apsaras dream and modern technologies shows the world the beauty of oriental women in the vast universe.

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