New Look highlights the latest pyjama trends and picks three of its hottest summer looks


Summer is finally here. We can ditch the winter weight duvet, fling open the windows and pack away heavy - and ugly - winter pyjamas. So that fashionistas can make it through summer's balmy nights in style, New Look has put together some top tips on pyjama style, including three of its coolest pyjama sets. Thanks to New Look there's no need to compromise on style, even when you're asleep.

With the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Euro 2012 and the London Olympics, this year is the year to get patriotic. This season myriad styles of dresses, t-shirts and jumpers are emblazoned with the Union Jack ready for the summer of champions. Get into the swing of all things British and don New Look's Union Jack Light-Weight Jersey Jumpsuit, 14.99. Jumpsuits in summer may sound strange, but this jumpsuit is 100% cotton so will help you keep you cool when the temperature soars. Plus, jumpsuits and playsuits are perfect attire for relaxing on the sofa watching Team UK hopefully winning some medals and doing us all proud.

There is definitely a tribal, African feel to many of the summer's sassiest trends. Animal print and tribal Navajo or Aztec designs are being used to add colour, depth and interest to all manner of high-fashion items and this stretches to pyjamas. New Look has a great two-piece set in two different colours. The Animal Print Lace Camisole, 8.99 and the Animal Spot Shorts, 6.99 come in black and brown. You'll sizzle through the hot summer nights with this two-piece, but not because you'll lose your cool, rather you'll ooze sexiness and sensuality.

New Look's final pick is the Floral Flannel Pyjama Set, 12.99. This vintage looking, no-fuss pyjama set is cute and girlie and the floral pyjama bottoms are on-trend as well as comfy. Plus, both top and bottoms are 100% cotton making them summer proof and sure to help keep the heat at bay.

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