A recent international hair research which studied various hair types across the world has found that Indian hair oiled with Parachute Advansed Hair Oil is significantly superior when compared to other hair types. Indian hair oiled with Parachute Advansed Hair Oil was found to be stronger, thicker, longer, softer and less damaged when compared to other hair types, making it the World’s Best Hair.#

After examining the cross sectional areas of different types of hair, scientists have concluded that Indian hair oiled with Parachute Advansed Hair Oil was thicker with statistically superior fibre properties, indicating that it is much stronger than other hair types. As Parachute Advansed Hair Oil penetrates deep into the hair shaft, it also helps in reducing the loss of valuable hair protein thereby protecting hair against damage, allowing it to grow longer. This is extremely relevant for the urban women of today, as their hair does go through a lot more damage with pollution, heat and excessive styling. Parachute Advansed Hair Oil also helps align the hair cuticles as well, so it feels soft to touch and healthier to look at, enhancing the overall quality and healthy quotient of the hair.

Deepika Padukone, who was part of the brand back in 2007, is back to the Parachute Advansed family as the face of the World’s Best Hair campaign. To celebrate the title, Deepika was seen at a recent event, passing on the World’s Best Hair Sash to all other Parachute Advansed users who have great, gorgeous hair.

While passing on the Sash, Deepika said, “It’s been a moment of great pride for me to go through a recent international hair research, which has found that Parachute Advansed users have the World’s Best Hair. I’m really proud to receive the World’s Best Hair title and what makes it even more special is that I can share it with all the beautiful women of India who use Parachute Advansed. So congrats to all of us, after all, we have the World’s Best Hair!”

Deepika urges her fans and other Parachute Advansed users to pass on the compliment by logging onto Parachute Advansed Facebook page. A unique application has been designed that enables you to pass on the sash to your friends.

Log on to the below link and enjoy passing on the compliment to your friends.


Also don’t miss Deepika Padukone looking drop dead gorgeous in the latest Parachute Advansed- World’s Best Hair commercial.


# Based on the study conducted in April 2012. Compared to non-oiled hair. Results may vary from individual to individual depending on their health and food habits. Refers to Indian hair oiled with Parachute Advansed

Source: Parachute Advansed

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