New social good apparel startup FlyingFlips is changing the way you buy FlipFlop sandals. FlyingFlips creates artist-designed FlipFlops that give back to both the Artist and those in need. The official launch of the company's store means that shoppers can now purchase their own pair of trendy FlipFlops; FlyingFlips makes it easy for customers to look, feel and do some good.

The FlyingFlips concept: artists and designers create and submit incredible designs, the FlyingFlips community votes on which designs they like best, the top-voted designs are then printed as flip-flops and sold in the online FlipFlop shop at To top it off, a second set of FlipFlops from EVERY pair sold is given to a person in need; the artist also gets a percentage of sales generated from their winning designs.

The true passion of the company is displayed in their efforts to ensure that every contribution counts. FlyingFlips has successfully partnered with two established charities, Soles4Soles and Fundacion A. Jean Brugger. Soles4Soles is a U.S.-based organization that collects footwear from companies and individuals and distributes them to people in need around the world. A. Jean Brugger Fundacion is a non-profit foundation located in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua that is devoted to providing critical educational opportunities and vocational training for the youth of San Juan del Sur and surrounding communities.

"Cracking open the first run of FlipFlops symbolizes more than just getting product; it means summer and adventure, it means we can start giving back and most importantly, it represents a major milestone for the whole FlyingFlips team - it feels good!" Ivo Staiano, Founder - FlyingFlips.

At its roots, FlyingFlips is a crowd-driven site: a community for art & design, a platform for social change, and an opportunity for artists to get paid for doing what they love. FlyingFlips creates artist-designed FlipFlops that are produced and sold with a commitment to giving back. Ivo Staiano and Paul Mon-Kau founded FlyingFlips in 2011. The company is based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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