Big Idea Brands, LLC  announced today that Accessory Exchange of New York signed a licensing agreement with Big Idea Brands for their Flow Society brand. Accessory Exchange will be the exclusive brand licensee for socks, hats and bags.

"We are excited to work with Flow Society in bringing unique products to enhance the brand experience for its Lacrosse customer. Beyond the core lacrosse business this new agreement includes the upcoming launch of Flow Society into Golf. The collection of Lacrosse accessories will be available at major sporting goods retailers beginning in August with selected items and a complete selection rolling out for fall 2012," stated Rich Stober, Active Energy Division President.

Flow Society is a lifestyle brand for lacrosse participants and spectators. The brand mission is to deliver innovative, authentic lacrosse inspired clothing and accessories that provide value to the consumer and profitability to the company.

Flow Society represents the flow of the game and the flow of energy from a growing culture. It encompasses a community of players who come together to participate in a way of life that is different from all other sports. We are an apparel company that is dedicated to the growth of the sport through the world of fashion, while providing the players with the essential clothing they need to participate in the style game. Our unique designs are unmatched in the world of lacrosse and can only be found with Flow Society. With this new product line the lacrosse community can finally have a way to stay part of the game long after the final whistle blows.

Flow Society, in the two years since inception, has expanded rapidly across the US and Canada.  Flow Society is carried in Bloomingdales,  Dick's Sporting Goods stores, Sports Authority, Modell's Sporting Goods, MC Sports, Olympia Sports, Dunham's Sports, in addition to its expansion to camp stores including Lester's, Denny's Childrenswear and lacrosse specialty stores.

About Active Energy:

Headquartered in New York City, Active Energy is a division of Accessory Exchange, a privately held company that manufactures accessories for both the private label and branded market.  Accessory Exchange marked its 100th anniversary in 2009.  

About Big Idea Brands:

Big Idea Brands, LLC is a creator, designer and marketing of lifestyle brands with a mission to deliver innovative, authentic lifestyle inspired clothing and accessories that provide value to the consumer and profitability to the company.  Big Idea Brands is headed by principals of TriPoint Capital and garment center veterans.

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