In the current economic climate, many homeowners are looking for ways to rejuvenate the look in their home for less.  Homeowners on a budget are taking advice from Terrys Fabrics and dressing their windows in an attempt to transform the look in their homes with brightly coloured curtains and windows decorations.

This season, Terrys Fabrics offered homeowners plenty of advice when it came to the latest interior design trends for spring and summer 2012.  Whilst some homeowners opted for bright yellow, pinks and greens to mark the start of spring, others chose pastels to introduce colour into a room subtly.

No matter of the colour homeowners choose, many opted to dress their windows as a cheaper alternative to decorating the whole room.  Terrys Fabrics has an eclectic range of curtain fabrics and readymade curtains so homeowners can get creative and inject their own personalities into their home decor.

This summer, Terrys Fabrics interior designer, Adele Shotton-Pugh recommends that homeowners choose lightweight curtains and sheer voiles in order to allow natural light to flood into the home.  Creating a summery look and maximising light, voiles are perfect hanging on their own or behind patterned curtains for a structured look.

Adding vases with colourful, summery flowers or frames with family photographs are ideal for completing the look.  For more tips and advice on the latest trends, simply visit Terrys Fabrics at

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