As consignment shopping becomes an increasingly popular option for American consumers, brides-to-be are joining in on the trend. Many consignment shops provide favorable options for women searching for a designer dress at a fraction of the cost. Other women have found consignment stores a great resource for reselling their lightly used gowns. To help store owners and customers keep up with the influx of transactions, ConsignPro software provides excellent, user-friendly tools.

The recent economy has pushed consumers to uncover great deals at re-sale stores, profit from their unused items and avoid wasting money at high-end retailers. While many have turned to consignment to find new casual or professional outfits, there is also an increasing trend of bridal gown consignment. So how do store owners handle transactions, inventory and other operational duties in the face of a growing customer base? Thousands of stores have found ConsignPro software to be among the best solutions for handling these transactions with ease.

A recent article details the success of one start-up company, Nearly Newlywed. The company offers lightly-used bridal gowns from top designers such as Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta. What is most unique about the company is that the founder, Jacqueline Courtney, extends her business through social media outlets. Using sites like Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, Courtney is able to immediately answer customer concerns and promote her ever-changing inventory of wedding dresses.

As a consignment expert, ConsignPro developer, Brian Wilson, commends her effort, "It's the personal relationship between the shopper and the customer that really differentiates Nearly Newlywed from other online businesses.  That relationship, inspired by social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook can really build a dialogue that leads to both a happy customer and happy retailer."

However, if the store owner has a focus on the customer, they will probably have less time to track inventory, record sales, tag items and manage re-sale payouts. These areas of business are tedious, but necessary to maintain customer satisfaction and profits. Luckily, ConsignPro has become a valuable tool to thousands of consignment store owners across America. With easy-to-use functions and a collection of available, compatible tools, ConsignPro can provide a hassle-free way to conduct and record transactional business without having to sacrifice customer service.

Learning about a customer's needs is essential in the consignment world, especially in the industry of bridal gown consignment. The article explains the importance of wedding dresses, as it is a signature statement to a momentous occasion. In order to maintain customer satisfaction, store owners must pay attention to every detail including dress measurements and the overall mood of the wedding. Maintaining conversation is important and Wilson believes that through ConsignPro, many stores will improve and maintain excellent customer relations.

Developed in 1996 by Brian Wilson, ConsignPro is a resale software program designed to improve the complicated nature of transactional business. The growing popularity of the application allowed for Wilson to establish Visual Horizons Software, which oversees the development of ConsignPro. The developers behind ConsignPro are committed to working with their 3,000+ client base in order to continuously improve inventory and operation functions of the software.

As an official member of the National Association of Resale and Thrift Shops, shop owners can gain much-needed peace of mind through ConsignPro solutions. The company also provides a unique network of users who are willing to attest to the software's superiority.

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