Footwear industry executive, Gary Rich, with over 35 years in the footwear industry and former President of Brown Shoe Company - Wholesale, announced the formation of Rich Footwear Group.

Acting as Chairman, Gary Rich, along with newly appointed President, Paul Shapiro, previously the Senior Vice President, GM of Brown Shoe Company's Children's Division and newly appointed Senior Vice President of Sales, Richard Shapiro, are also very pleased to announce their partnership with The Cortina - Leomil Group, to exclusively market Angry Birds licensed footwear in the US and Canada.

"After a 2-year hiatus, I am thrilled to be back in the footwear industry partnering with industry experts, Paul and Richard Shapiro," says Rich, "and to be able to announce our partnership with Cortina - Leomil Group to bring one of the fastest growing brands, Angry Birds, to the footwear market.  With an incredibly strong brand to start, we look forward to a long partnership with Cortina - Leomil Group and future opportunities in other categories as well."

Cortina - Leomil Group, who very recently announced an exclusive agreement with Rovio for the Angry Birds license, is one of the largest European footwear companies, currently manufacturing and selling branded, private label and licensed footwear throughout Europe, Latin and South America, The Middle East, South Africa, Russia, New Zealand and Australia.  Cortina - Leomil will be responsible for supply chain, manufacturing of the product and the licensing agreement. Rich Footwear Group, with extensive expertise in creating, building, marketing and selling footwear brands will be responsible for the marketing, selling and joint development of the line to best address the needs of the US and Canadian consumers.

"The Cortina - Leomil Group is looking forward to partnering with Rich Footwear Group in bringing a line of Angry Birds Footwear to the US and Canada.   Utilizing our expertise in sourcing, supply chain and manufacturing and Rich Footwear Company's expertise in this market we anticipate a very successful relationship, " said Albert Milhado, CEO of the Leomil Group.

Rich Footwear Group's first launch, Angry Birds Footwear, will be available Fall 2012 in all major channels of retail in the US and Canada.

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