Q by Pasquale is pleased to announce that the glass shoe trend is rapidly emerging as a defined luxury fashion trend for 2012. Having created the very first glass shoe in 2010, designers are quick to follow Pasquale Fabrizio, commonly known in Tinseltown as the "Cobbler to the Stars." Christian Louboutin just announced his plans for a glass slipper, proving what fashion insiders have been talking about for decades, that Fabrizio knows shoes! Most recently, the Associated Press Television News (world's largest news service) shot a TV news report featuring Q by Pasquale on the latest shoe trends for 2012 and included the glass trend. The TV news report will be fed to networks globally in May 2012.

The Q by Pasquale collection featuring Murano glass accessories is now in full production and available for retail. Designed, engineered and developed by Pasquale Fabrizio the shoes are wearable works of art featuring handcrafted soles, embellishments of Murano glass and 24-carat gold. Pasquale worked with artisans throughout Italy to unite the elements of shoe architecture, quality materials and natural beauty, which brings to life the fairy tale of the glass slipper. The glass shoe is a celebration of Pasquale's 5-year journey to bring this iconic shoe to the forefront of fashion.

The Q by Pasquale Los Angeles studio has been cited by W and Town and Country as "the best in the world" with clientele including Emmy, Grammy and Academy award winners, as well as some of the most passionate shoe aficionados from around the world. Pasquale has built his reputation through re-crafting shoes for Hollywood's top studios and stars such as Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Chanel Iman, Christina Aguilera, George Clooney, Al Pacino, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Tom Hanks and Mick Jagger, among numerous other celebrities. Fabrizio is a master shoemaker with exacting standards and inspired artistry. He learned the fine art of shoemaking through his family business, which has been making shoes for over fifty years.

Fabrizio proudly states, "The glass shoe trend will capture the Cinderella in every woman!"

Fabrizio launched his Q by Pasquale flagship boutique in Los Angeles in 2011. Located next door to his world-renowned Pasquale Shoe Repair, at 5616 San Vicente Blvd. 90019 just South of the Miracle Mile, the beautiful boutique welcomes Hollywood's most fashionable stylists, celebrities, and shoe aficionados.

For a preview of the full Q by Pasquale collection and the glass shoes, please visit www.QbyPasquale.com.  

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