Celebrities like Halle Berry, Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, AnnaLynne McCord, Christina Applegate and others love their cheeky, "bling" flip-flops from Girl Two Doors Down (GTDD), as frequently seen in the pages of People, Us Weekly, In Style and other magazines tracking the stars. But the big news for would-be fashionistas is that GTDD's new Spring 2012 collection is now available on-line for the first time ever - exclusively on the company website.

The new collection will still be sold through high-end retail stores such as the Ritz Carlton hotels, Bellagio hotel, Waldorf-Astoria hotels, as well as trendy boutiques and spas across North America and worldwide.  As always, these incredibly sexy crystal-studded flip flops which run around $50 to $60 -- let consumers look just like their favorite stars without a big investment and without resorting to cheap knock-offs.

Crazy Demand

Demand has been so high, reports GTDD founder Robbie Bernstein, that the new on-line channel is being launched today.  "We've pre-sold a lot of our collection already but not to worry, women who aren't near a store can still get their Girl Two Doors Down sandals direct from our website," she says. Click to view the new collection of bling flip flops.

Edgy New Styles Sexier Than Ever

The Spring 2012 collection includes five brand-new styles such as a denim fabric flip flop and a faux-suede leopard print flip flop.  New jewelry designs attached to the flip-flops include a black and white striped pendant, a pave flower and a five-carat emerald cut crystal.

GTDD flip-flops merge beautiful, original designs with witty and irreverent sayings printed on the sole such as: "I believe in hard labor, my fingers lift precious rocks all day" and "I'll take two doubles and a set of twins. I love happy hour!" Reports Bernstein: "Animal prints continue to be hot this season and everyone seems to love our new denim flip flops."

A limited number will be sold exclusively on the company's official webstore starting today including the new styles, limited editions and bridal shoes.

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