Inside Fashion, a leading provider of proprietary industry intelligence and international trends, has confirmed loungewear (often called homewear) as a key growth category for intimate apparel in its Spring/Summer 2013 StyleBook Lingerie Forecast.

The Forecast, which is sponsored by Brunet International, a leading supplier of high-quality, creative laces, defines the key directions that are driving intimate apparel sales in the big volume, mainstream market. 

"We are long-time partners with Inside Fashion. The publication is a fantastic tool for reaching out to leaders in the industry, as well as providing critical market information to both our design and sales teams," said Arnaud Limousin, Managing Director, Brunet International HK Ltd.

"We see homewear, or loungewear, as much more than a trend. It's a reflection of consumers' lifestyles," said Jane Singer, Editorial Director, Inside Fashion. People are spending more of their leisure time at home, instead of always going out. This is, in part, being driven by the economy, which has forced many consumers to cut back on entertainment spending.

"The demand for loungewear spans virtually all age groups and markets. There's a big opportunity in the teens-college market through to the 25+ market. However we're also seeing growing interest from more mature customers as well. Both female and male consumers are embracing this trend," said Ms. Singer. 

The ideal loungewear is dressed up enough to be worn for lounging around the house, alone or with friends, but can also be worn for sleeping. "While consumers might not be inclined to spend on an item that's purely sleepwear, loungewear or homewear is viewed as a new dimension of casualwear," Ms. Singer added.

Bestselling loungewear includes camisole tops and fitted Ts with a strong fashion emphasis. Bottoms are more streamlined, offered in solid or printed jersey or classic woven cotton. Key colors from the prints are used in lace or piping trims on both tops and bottoms. 

For guys, look for drawstring bottoms and loose-fitting T-shirt tops in cotton and natural-touch fabrics.

Inside Fashion's StyleBook Lingerie Forecast defines the key directions that will drive the market for the coming season, and interprets them into top selling trends for the mainstream market. The forecast includes swatches, photos, and technical drawings that clearly illustrate each trend.

About Inside Fashion

Established in 1991, Inside Fashion provides insights and market analysis of the major global sourcing and consumer markets. In addition, the company offers comprehensive market intelligence about the fast growing China retail market.

About Brunet International

Brunet International specializes in lace and embroidery manufacturing. Celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2011, the company is known and recognized worldwide for its creativity, as well as its reactivity and service. Brunet leverages its French heritage and its two state-of the-art factories in China and Thailand to provide custom lace and embroidery collections which are fine-tuned to meet or exceed customers' needs.

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