Inside Fashion, a leading provider of proprietary industry intelligence and international trends, has confirmed shapewear as the biggest growth category for intimate apparel in its Fall 12/13 StyleBook Lingerie Forecast.

The Forecast, which is sponsored by Brunet International, a leading supplier of high-quality, creative laces, defines the key directions that are driving intimate apparel sales in the big volume, mainstream market.

"We are long-time partners with Inside Fashion. The publication is a fantastic tool for reaching out to leaders in the industry, as well as providing critical market information to both our design and sales teams," said Arnaud Limousin, Managing Director, Brunet International HK Ltd.

"We see shapewear as much more than a trend. It's become a staple within most women's wardrobes," said Jane Singer, Editorial Director. The trend towards shapewear began when curvaceous celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian stepped into the fashion arena and in doing so made fuller busts and hips not only acceptable - but desirable.

"The demand for shapewear spans virtually all age groups and markets. Bust enhancing bras are selling to teens as well as to career and more mature customers. The success they've enjoyed in the U.S. and Europe is mirrored in Asia, which has a fast-growing intimate apparel market. Similarly, tummy firming intimates are pretty much a global success story. This has opened up a tremendous marketing opportunity for intimate apparel brands," said Ms. Singer.

While shapewear is often more expensive than traditional intimate apparel, consumers are willing to pay more for garments that make them look good. "The value-add that this category offers makes shapewear less price sensitive than other lingerie items," she added.

During the past century we've seen the "ideal silhouette" shift several times from fuller figures to waif-like and then back to curvier. The tide has once again turned with fuller figures back in style, a trend which consumers are eagerly embracing. In some ways this can be seen as a backlash against the pin-thin figures that fashion has favored for several decades, and a return to healthier body images.

Traditional foundations have now been reinvented for modern women taking advantage of today's functional fibers and fabrics. Flatter stomachs, nipped-in waists, slimmer thighs, perkier butts and fuller busts are now achievable using power stretch fabrics. Today's shapewear has moisture management properties, an important comfort feature for a garment worn tightly against the skin.

"In its newest incarnation, shapewear has also become prettier. Combining fashion with function, top brands are offering powerful garments in fashion savvy colors embellished with beautiful laces and trims," said Ms. Singer.

Inside Fashion's StyleBook Lingerie Forecast defines the key directions that will drive the market for the coming season, and interprets them into top selling trends for the mainstream market. The Forecast includes swatches, photos, and technical drawings that clearly illustrate each trend.

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Established in 1991, Inside Fashion provides insights and market analysis of the major global sourcing and consumer markets. In addition, the company offers comprehensive market intelligence about the fast-growing China retail market.

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