Ralph Morgan, G.G., lives a life frequently envied by many. He has attracted both admirers as well as naysayers with his travels into war zones, hostile jungle and desert areas as well as ocean and inland waterways. He is a former U.S. Navy SEAL who often travels abroad on gem-related assignments for his peers and private individuals.

While back in the U.S., Morgan will often buy and sell gem-related materials for clients who utilize his international reach to receive high market rates on their gems and jewelry rather than to keep their money and their gems "under a mattress" or a safe deposit box here in the U.S. as a means for safekeeping. He specifically caters to collectors, fine jewelers and fellow gemologists who understand the value of gems and their relation to different markets. Proper placement of a piece within the right market at the right time enables him to get the highest prices for the client.

Morgan specializes in old cut diamonds, fancy colored diamonds, fine rubies and sapphires. He is a noted speaker on the subject of old estate diamonds, Victorian and Edwardian jewelry as well as fine rubies, sapphires and emeralds from varied world locales. He is a past governing board member of the Accredited Gemologists Association of America.

You can learn more at the Old European Diamonds website.