The continuing growth in schools adopting school uniform codes, combined with a modest improvement in consumer sentiment, will lead to a 5-7 percent improvement in kids school uniform sales over the crucial back-to-school season, according to French Toast School Uniforms.

Public schools remain the fastest-growing segment of the school uniform market, driven by schools in the Southeast, where there will be an additional 87,000 students in uniform for the coming school year. Nationwide, there will be 150,000 students in uniform for the first time this year.

French Toast said school officials and parents are increasingly seeing the benefits of a uniform dress code. "Schools appreciate how uniforms keep the children focused on academics and make it easier to ensure safety on school grounds," said Michael Arking, president of "Parents like the fact that an entire week's worth of French Toast boys school uniforms  or girls school uniforms  costs less than the price of a pair of designer jeans or dress shoes."

While consumers are still struggling with a sluggish economy, Arking noted that the overall mood at retail is better than it was going into the back-to-school period last year. But consumers are not just interested in low prices; they want and expect quality and durability for their money, said Arking.

"French Toast uniforms have many more features this year," said Arking, pointing to drop-hems that allow the wearer to add another inch to their pants as they grow throughout the year, along with expandable collars and elastic-waist pants. For girls school uniforms, French Toast is offering more fitted and flattering cuts to blouses, additional stretch elements to polos and new silhouettes in pants. There is also a larger selection of colors, including gold, teal and green, purple and pink.

About French Toast

Since 1958, French Toast has provided families with quality children's wear and school uniforms at great prices. Schools and school districts across the country also turn to French Toast for information and tools that can help them adopt their own school uniform and dress code policies.

French Toast Uniforms can be found at major retailers or at  Parents can also request a catalog by mail by calling 1-800-FRENCHTOAST.

For school inquires about adopting a uniform program and to request our free Partnership for Education kit call 1-888-55 SCHOOL.

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