Have you ever heard the term, "the kiss of death"?  Well, if you work in the fashion industry, you may be aware that Apparel 1 believes that "excess inventory" is the kiss of death to a clothing company.  For those of you that do not understand the meaning, the point is that if a clothing company owns too much inventory the situation becomes "dangerous".  The fact is that fashion continuously changes.  If you own too much inventory and the item becomes "out of style", what do you do then?
Before excess inventory drags down an apparel company, it is important for them to seek out opportunities to sell of inventory that is not necessary.  If the company has difficulty selling product thru typical channels, they may want to seek out a liquidation or closeout professional.
Below you will find some of the companies that sell or auction fashion closeouts.  Due to the fact that they sell excess inventory, it is fair to say that the majority of these companies also purchase excess apparel inventory.  Therefore, if you are looking to dispose of inventory, you may want to consult with some of these resources.
AllState Liquidation : Allstate Liquidation is one of the largest dealers of overstock, shelf pull, surplus, liquidation and wholesale apparel in the Midwest. They specialize in high end liquidation and wholesale apparel with exceptional quality, and the lowest prices. They offer wholesale women's, wholesale junior's, wholesale children's, wholesale men's and wholesale plus size women's clothing lots. Call or email them now to learn more and one of their sales representatives will assist you. First time buyer or pro, they can help you. At Allstate Liquidation they provide full manifests and pictures so you know exactly what you will be receiving in every lot you purchase.  Address: 1165 Clock Tower Plaza #155 Washington, MO 63090 Phone # (314) 650-6500 e-mail: [email protected]

Closeout Central : The sellers you will find listed on Closeoutcentral.com include manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and closeout brokers, as well as retailers with large inventories to liquidate. Buyers from around the world can quickly and easily find the best deals on closeout products in all categories from apparel to electronics to toys, and everything in between. Closeoutcentral.com does not get involved in transactions between buyers and sellers and therefore does not charge any transaction fees. This allows buyers to get the absolute best prices possible, while allowing sellers to maximize their profits.  Closeoutcentral.com is operated by Sumner Communications, a leading trade publisher of magazines, guides and directories for the wholesale merchandise industry since 1985.

JD Closeouts is your place for pallets, lots and truckloads of quality Closeouts and Surplus Merchandise. They stock hundreds of pallets with various mixtures of products in order to supply their clientele and their ever-growing demand for discount and closeout goods. Over the years they have greatly expanded the variety of their product lines. According to JD Closeouts, "we deal with over 25 major Department Stores and Catalog Companies in the United States. We have a deal with these companies for years and have molded a strong and fortified relationship with them to be able to offer their clients the best price available on Closeouts, Surplus Merchandise, Department Store Returns and Liquidated Goods".  Phone Toll Free: 1-800-380-5861 or (954) 581-2702

Liquidation Closeouts : Liquidation Closeouts is a source for Brand Name Clothing, Apparel Closeouts, Liquidation Apparel, Overstock Apparel, Wholesale Apparel and Brand Name Clothing Closeouts. They liquidate brand name wholesale clothing from well known high end department stores in the nation. Toll Free Number: 1-800-456-9492 International Phone (718)-513-0128

Liquidation Closeouts Online : Liquidation Closeouts is an overstock wholesale company that deals with department store merchandise. They are affiliated with Wholesale Shoes Store - website that concentrates on selling department store liquidated designer shoes. We have contracts with major department stores and supply our customers with a wide assortment of designer merchandise. Lots include shelf-pulls, mark-down, out-of-season, in-store display and overstock items. We ship at very competitive rates nationwide and also provide international shipping. Liquidation Closeouts Address: 3150 18th st Suite 443 San Francisco, CA 94110 Phone (415)625-9811

Liquidity Services Inc. : Liquidity Services, Inc.’s mission is to provide business and government clients and buying customers the world’s most transparent, innovative and effective online marketplaces and integrated services for surplus assets.  Liquidity Services achieves maximum recovery for their clients’ customer returns, overstock, used and salvage assets by employing a multi-channel strategy that leverages their industry-leading online marketplaces, as well as direct sales and consumer marketplace channels.   On behalf of their clients, Liquidity Services has completed the sale of over $2.0 billion of surplus assets in over 500 product categories including consumer goods, capital assets and industrial equipment.  Liquidity Services, Inc. 1920 L St. NW, 6th Floor Washington, DC 20036  Calling from the US: 1-800-310-4604 or Internationally: +1 202 467 6868
  • Liquidation.com enables corporations and selected government agencies located in the United States to sell wholesale, surplus and salvage assets. This leading B2B marketplace and their related services are designed to meet the needs of clients by selling their surplus to domestic and international buyers.
  • GovDeals enables local and state government entities including city, county and state agencies as well as school boards and public utilities located in the United States to sell surplus and salvage assets. This marketplace and their related services are designed to meet the unique needs of public sector clients selling to domestic and international buyers.

  • UK-Liquidation enables European-based corporations and government agencies to sell surplus consumer goods and assets to European and other international buyers. While all of our marketplaces reach a global buyer base, we recognize that high shipping costs can impact the amount a buyer is willing to bid for goods. As a result, we created this marketplace and operations to geographically align European sellers and buyers. We intend to further expand our operations in Europe through our existing facilities in the United Kingdom.

Merchandize Liquidators : Their strong point is in providing their customers with the latest information, inventory availabilities and quality of new, overstock, surplus, used and salvages goods. They believe that all their customers are different. Some are well established in business with multiple retail outlets and warehouses of their own, and some are just starting out with small capital. They make every effort to accommodate the needs of all customers, from those with small budgets to those stocking a whole chain of stores. Communication is a key and they pride themselves with important and valuable information to make your buying experience comfortable, knowledgeable, pleasurable, but more importantly, offer you merchandise at discounted prices.  Phone (800) 218-9596 or (954) 454-7100 Fax (954) 455-7824 Address: 5364 NW 167 ST. Miami Gardens, Florida 33014

RS Trading Company  : All their customers are different. Some are well established in business wth multiple retail outlets and a warehouse of their own. Others are just starting out with minimum resources. They make every effort to accommodate the needs of all customers, from those with small budgets to those stocking a whole chain of stores.  Their goal is to provide every customer with the same closeouts and liquidations information, with up to the moment inventories and availabilities suited to their own buying needs.  Their experienced staff prides itself on its ability to facilitate the whole process to you, providing explanations of how the process works, and providing solutions from the point of sale to the delivery of you order, whether that is to your door, or to a port overseas.  Address: 2673 South Park Lane, Pembroke Park, Florida 33009.  Phone 1-954-964-3064 or 1-800-593-8595 (Within United States).

TDW Closeouts : TDW, Inc. carries a full line of salvage merchandise, closeouts merchandise, surplus closeouts, department stores closeouts, department store returns and salvage truckloads from over 100 department stores in America.  Their prices are pennies on the wholesale dollar. TDW, Inc. is made up of Salvage buyers, Salvage sellers, Salvage contract holders and Salvage Experts.  They supply Brokers, Flea Market Vendors, Auctioneers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Exporters, Distributors, Non-Profit Organizations and Surplus Stores.  Toll-Free: 1-800-946-8736 Local: 954-746-8000

WMS Wholesale : WMS Wholesale is an off price below wholesale distributor of junior and women's apparel and fashion accessories since 1988. They have indicated that all clothes are either factory fresh, 1st quality closeouts, cancellations and over stocks, including below Wholesale Urban City Wear.  WMS also offers wholesale lingerie, footwear for men and women (shoes, sandals, boots), misses and juniors tops and junior missy jeans, trendy fashion costume jewelry and trendy fashion accessories and other stylish wholesale merchandise and fad gifts to the small retailer.  Address: 525 N. Andreasen Dr Units #A & B Escondido CA 92029 Phone 760 233-9800

If you are buying or selling fashion closeouts, you may need a liquidation or closeout company to assist your endeavor.  Hopefully, one of the above resources will be of service to you.

Learn about additional liquidation resources on the Apparel Search directory.
Thank you for reading this closeout news article on the Fashion Newspaper.  If you wish to closeout apparel, shoes, jeans, handbags, etc., we hope that this article is of help to you.