In the competitive field of personalized, customizable and yet affordable jewelry, importer Tom Dickenson shows he stands alone with his sparkling Murano glass baubles. All ready-to-wear jewelry at is available in multiples, priced as listed, and can be customized by color and size for a small 20% upcharge from the price shown. This pricing combined with the excellent service clients receive ensures Direct from Venice simply outshines the competition.

Murano glass jewelry has been treasured throughout the world, since its beginnings in the 9th century when glass beads were used to trade with Asian, Muslim, and African neighbors. Those who have been fortunate enough to visit Venice have seen the sparkling beauty that is Murano glass. From the delicate to the imposing, from home decor to jewelry, creations of classically trained Murano artisans are loved far and wide.  

In this unique application, Dickenson makes the lives of mothers, sisters, daughters, and brides - and many others - much simpler and more lovely by offering anything on his site, outside of the "Private Collection," in any color and size. Beginning with earrings priced as low as $14, and sparkling up to necklaces costing about $75, clients can create fabulous mother-daughter complementary pieces or matching items for beloved nieces or friends. Because each piece is tailored for the client's particular need, the problem of fitting a range of ages and sizes is no more.  

One thrilled bride accidentally happened upon the perfect bridesmaid gifts after her purchase at She had ordered a stunning bracelet from Dickenson's ready-to-wear collection for herself and was so pleased when she received it that she quickly commissioned seven more matching pieces for her bridesmaids. She desired the same color palette, as it perfectly complemented the dresses, but in different sizes. Dickenson, as a result of the relationships he has with highly skilled glassmasters in Venice, was readily able to meet her request and help make the busy bride's prep work a bit easier - and more beautiful. For the cost of what might have been a very common - and quickly forgotten - gift, the bride was able to create a lasting memory for each of her attendants. As Abby S. states, "The bracelets are PERFECT! I love, love, love them! I will send a picture of the girls wearing them. Thank you again for everything!"  

Of course, clients wishing to create completely custom pieces can do so through the "Private Collection" at In this unique collaboration the results are limited only by the client's vision. From vivid jewel tones wrapping a modern choker, to delicate pastels strung gracefully tapering to a pendant, the possibilities are truly endless. The artist ensures each piece remains one-of-a-kind by marking the item with a unique identifier - visible only on close inspection by trained personnel -- and registering it with the regulatory board for Italian jewelry. From a collector wishing to complement a special outfit to a spouse or parent wanting to express their love through jewelry, the "Private Collection" offers an unparalleled opportunity.

Mr. Dickenson has long embraced all things Italian and brought his idea of a shop "For Memories Yet to be Made" to fruition following a family trip to Venice several years ago. After extensive research he determined that there was a need for an online jewelry outlet offering only the finest Murano glass wearable pieces. Dickenson formed relationships with long-standing glassmasters whose families have been creating stunning works for centuries. Since its inception in 2008, Direct from Venice has offered a wide range of exquisite jewelry and individual beads to complement any collector's taste. His customizable ready-to-wear collection is unrivaled by any other importer, both in terms of variety and cost. The coupling of Dickenson's service-oriented philosophy with this affordable semi-custom approach to all his ready-to-wear pieces makes Direct from Venice the most beautiful choice for any jewelry need.

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