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Custom PVC Label Decorates Hats,Bags,Polo and Dress Shirts-Embroidery Failed.
By Diane Chapman
Published on 03/30/2011
Many times we come across customer logos that cannot be embroidered...the detail is too difficult. In the case we will be talking about, the pvc label, made in San Diego, worked out perfectly.

Why PVC Labels Make Sense with clothing, hats and bags
One very detailed pvc label was used recently for a variety of promotional products that we decorated in San Diego for our distributor. The customer's logo was very detailed and embroidery could not hit the detail. We used the Flexsystems pvc labels and the sew easily. The label, in varying background colors, was sewn onto hats, bags, polo shirts, dress shirts and a jacket. Not only will the label last a very long time, it will show all the detail that the customer wanted in his brand. And we switched out the background color to match the color of the blank product we were going to sew them onto.