Threadless, the world's first and largest community-based tee shirt design company, is proud to announce the launch of three new sites. Known for helping to pioneer and popularize the trend of "crowdsourcing," Threadless has grown rapidly and it's time for three popular divisions of to branch out on their own: Threadless Kids, The Select Series and TypeTees. The relaunched features Threadless apparel for babies and kids; features tees designed by well-known artists from around the world, handpicked by Threadless; and features slogan-based tees where the slogans are submitted and rated by the community. For shoppers who want to explore each site, navigation and a single shopping cart allow for seamless cross-brand shopping.

"Since each of these brands launched, they have grown into something much more than just 'sub-brands' of Threadless," said Jeffrey Kalmikoff, Chief Creative Officer of Threadless. "We felt the time had come to give each product line its own space and allow each to develop as its own brand. Each remains a part of the Threadless family, yet by having its own site it
allows us to be more reactive to the specific needs of each brand's community and customers."

    Threadless Kids ( Threadless began selling clothes for kids in 2006 and has since dressed children around the world in miniature versions of the best-selling adult tees on features tees for kids, as well as onesies and tees for babies. With new products each week, the new site will make it easier for parents to browse the catalogue and choose from an expanded product line. In addition to new designs released each week, the site will feature a permanent collection of the most popular products.

    TypeTees ( TypeTees feature user-submitted slogans that are reviewed and rated by the community (similar to how artwork is submitted and rated at Two of the best slogans are released as TypeTees each week and feature well-designed type treatments. A few examples of TypeTee slogans include:

    --  "Video games ruined my life. Good thing I have two extra lives"
    --  "To err is human, to arr is pirate"
    --  "Haikus are easy; But sometimes they don't make sense; Refrigerator."

    The Select Series ( Over the years, Threadless occasionally invited established artists to design shirts. This officially became "Threadless Select" in 2006, as a distinct line of Threadless. Today, "The Select Series", renamed to reflect its unique brand position, releases one new tee per week featuring the work of a well-known artist. In fact, John Maeda, renowned designer and the new president of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, curated a collection for four Select Series shirts earlier this month. Select artists also contribute regularly to the magazine Faesthetic, which is distributed by The Select
Series and produced by The Select Series curator Dustin Hostetler, aka UPSO.

    About Threadless

    Threadless is a community-based tee shirt company with an ongoing, open call for design submissions. Artists are encouraged to download a tee template and submit ideas, which are then evaluated by the Threadless community for seven days. Tee shirt designs are selected by Threadless from the pool of the most popular designs as scored by the community. If a design is selected for print by Threadless, the designer receives a payment $2000 in cash and a $500 Threadless gift certificate.

    Each week, the newly selected designs and slogans are then made available for purchase. These designs and slogans are available in sizes ranging from infant to adult.

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