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Renaissance Clothing and Medieval Costumes
By Optimizer Buypriateboots
Published on 11/9/2010
One of the most popular festivals in the US, renaissance fairs are big crowd pullers. These festivals attract people from every walk of life and they participate in these festivals with enthusiasm and gaiety. Quite understandably, they love to flaunt their best medieval clothing, medieval dresses or any pirate shirts during this popular festival.

Renaissance was a medieval phenomenon when a new revolution was taking in various spheres of human kind: the way they thought, ideas, scientific temperament, zeal for invention etc. These changes were discernible in areas such as painting, sculpture, architecture etc.

A Renaissance Festival is a popular outdoor weekend open gathering that emulates a historic period for the entertainment of the guests. An abundance of medieval costumed entertainers, musical and theatrical acts, are some of the key features of the Renaissance Festival. Extremely popular in the US, such festivals are also celebrated in other parts of the world.

Staged at different times of the year, fair vendors, participants and crew often work the "faire circuit", going from event to event as one fair ends and another begins.

During these festivals the spirit of innovation and bravery is instilled into the hearts of the people. During these festivals people wear dresses and other fashion accessories that are of medieval styles.

Renaissance clothing, medieval costumes or any pirate shirt reflects their liking for the medieval spirit. Each fair has its unique set of costumes and the participants don varied clothing’s in different festivals. Thus the dresses worn during the summer festivals are for obvious reasons not preferred during the autumn festivals.

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