Very often, designers and garment manufactures prefer to use the same medium for their line. Merchandising with pvc means you can create custom labels, custom 3D zipper pulls and custom hang tags. Not only do they create a uniform look, the pvc detail helps the garments pop at the retail level. Many customers have difficult art. That makes it difficult for a patch, emblem and custom label to match the design entirely. This is especially true for embroidery and silkscreen. Our customers have come to us for these very difficult designs. And the fact that they can also create the same design on a zipper pull and a hang tag is exceptional and easy for them. Zipper pulls can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. What we cannot make here in San Diego in our manufacturing plant, our factories offshore can. Even the attachment for the zipper pull can be an interesting add on feature. The hang tag that is made from the pvc material stands out in the sea of paper. Like the zipper pull, there are many unusaul types of attachements to secure them to the garment. Many buyers spend a few more cents to create a hang tag that will be used again and again. Thus, creatiing a nice promotional piece. Lead times are reasonable for these items and they can be sewn on easily and attached readily. Try this new combination on your next collection. Merchandise with soft and flexible pvc.