Research and Markets has announced the addition of Woodhead Publishing Ltd's new report "Interior Textiles" to their offering.

This book provides an overview of the advances that have occurred within the interior textile sector. The reader will gain an understanding of the technical, functional and aesthetic properties of interior textiles, the understanding of which, can assist in selecting the most appropriate fabric. Introductory chapters provide the fundamental principles of interior fibres; Describing the types, structures and requirements. A second set of chapters reviews the main developments in the industry, such as recent environmental perspectives affecting the industry and developments in flame retardant textile materials. A third set of chapters conclude with applications and case studies including a chapter on textiles for carpets.

Key Topics Covered:

Part 1 Fundamental principles of interior textiles: Natural fibres for interior textiles

  • Synthetic fibres for interior textiles
  • The use of knitted, woven and nonwoven fabrics in interior textiles
  • Surface design of fabrics for interior textiles
  • The use of textiles in carpets and floor coverings.

Part 2 Developments in interior textiles: Advances in joining fabrics for the furniture industry

  • Environmental issues in interior textiles
  • The role of textiles in indoor environmental pollution: problems and solutions
  • Developments in flame retardants for interior materials and textiles
  • Fire testing of upholstered furniture, current and future methods
  • Innovative textiles for seating.


Trevor Rowe is a Senior Lecturer in the School of the Built Environment and Engineering at the University of Bolton, UK.

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