It has not been very long since mens jewelry became popular in the United States, however with pop-icon figures, celebrities, and even professional fighters desiring a clean cut yet masculine look unique pieces are starting to come back into style at an accelerating speed. Due to this fashion transition young fashionable men are beginning to rediscover that wearing a modern piece of jewelry is no longer considered to be just for females, but well dressed and confident men as well.

With many different types of accessories to choose from, like the tribal pendants that decorate the necks of many MMA and UFC fighters or rugged an unique choker necklaces like the one worn by Crixus from the hot TV series Spartacus: Blood and Sand,  it would be hard to confuse that these masculine accessories could be for anyone else but a man. While there are multiple styles to choose from below are a few of the most popular ones.

  • Hippie - while this style is likely to be one of the earliest styles, it is definitely coming back into fashion. This style has huge roots that can be followed back as far as the mid 20th century. These accessories are usually created by hemp or some type of chord-like material and go great with something symbolic with the past. A popular trend is a unique pendant with an artist like Pink Floyd or The Doors, which can help show and individuals style and taste for music. Surfer necklaces and apparel are also very hot and are most popular during the spring and summertime. These accessories commonly involves some type of corded necklace with a pendant that signifies something inspirational or supernatural.
  • Urban - the most popular line up today has to be mens urban jewelry. The urban look is a contemporary look that comes from a combination of masculine designers, such as Christian Audigier, while still maintaining a big city and party lifestyle appearance.
  • Tribal - the tribal style is very similar to the urban style. While they both have a very similar and comparable look the urban style concentrates more on the actually lifestyle and around money while tribal accessories tend to be more centered around masculinity and alpha male features. UFC fighters and male actors with an athletic build is a good example of where the tribal trend is starting to make a big appearance. It is apparent when you look and see who is sporting them, tribal jewelry can compliment a man very well without seeming too flashy.
Regardless of which style you choose make sure that you find a piece that you can relate to and that you would feel comfortable wearing. Do that and follow these tips and you will be off to fine tuning up your style in no time.