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Enjoy the Renaissance Festivals to the Fullest
By Optimizer Buypriateboots
Published on 07/13/2010

Renaissance festivals provide people with an opportunity to garnish themselves as peasants, dancers, musicians, comedians, jugglers, pirates and the like from the renaissance era, which broadly covers a period of time between 1450 and 1600AD. Renaissance festival, which is generally an outdoor weekend gathering, open to the public, emulates life in England during the reign of Elizabeth I of England because the English renaissance is believed to have flourished during that period. But, sometimes renaissance festivals cover a broader period, from Henry VIII to 18th century pirates who had their own distinguishable costume.

A huge number of patrons attend the renaissance festivals across the United States, dressed like ancient nobles, pirates, lords, ladies, peasants Vikings, wizards, rogues and wenches of the16th century. Information regarding upcoming Renaissance festivals can be accessed at web portal that also promotes renaissance style cotton dresses and other accessories that help people experience the taste of Renaissance era.

High-class women during the Renaissance period used to wear beautifully designed gowns. The Renaissance style gowns are very popular even today. promotes a unique and elegant collection of gowns that targets women who love to dress up like high-class Renaissance women at special occasions like wedding.
There is a wide collection of gowns available for purchase. Anjou gown features rich brocades, lavish trims and elegant lace up back that adds to the beauty of the gown. Brides can go for Renaissance wedding gowns & Veils, while Arabella cotton dress is also available at attractive prices. McGreedy blouses and Princess Rusla blouse are the other attractions.

Young ladies wearing Renaissance-style Bodice and Skirts can be seen commonly at Renaissance festivals.  Bodice was one of the favorite clothing worn by princesses or mistresses during the medieval era. Bodice features drawstrings in the front as well as back to provide easy wearing.Men who have plans to attend a Renaissance festival can choose Knightly Tabards, Mage Cloaks that can be accessorized with Falasan’s Scimitar sword or graceful Blue & Silver Masonic sword. Mage clock, which makes an important part of Renaissance fashion clothing, has large silver-trimmed bell sleeves and a larger than normal hood, which makes it special.

But, if someone wants to adorn himself like a pirate can fulfill his desire by wearing lose fit pirate shirt with frills and drooping shoulders along with pirate coats and breeches (pants) that are also loose fit. But, Renaissance clothing is not complete unless it is accessorized with bracelets, chains, pendants, Braids and ribbons and pirate boots, which are available for both, men and women, in three sizes viz. men’s small size, men’s middle size and men’s large size. A Renaissance festival is a great combination of amusement park, shows, music, street performance, shopping, comedy and feats of adventure.