Pirate Clothing Fashion is the latest and most admired style in clothes and cosmetics and behavior, it holds an important place in the history. It is recorded in the past that fashion kept on changing and even the world wars and the great economic depression could not arrest the evolving of new fashions and attires. Fashion also has seen radical changes throughout the world where the dressing styles have become increasingly common among the people. Fashion is a cycle where the old styles and vintage styles of 60’s are back in the frame.

Pirate clothing is one such fashion which was used by the sailors. The tricorn hat, long coat, knee breeches, pirate boots or bucket topped boots are some of the aspects of the Pirate’s wear. The trousers of this wear are loose cut in general and it reaches about the calf, which is ideal for the sailors who normally worked in the boat. The footwear is vital as large bucket topped boots adds glamour to the attire. The pirate boots are generally thigh high and are also referred as thigh high boots. It’s a type of medieval boot. The thigh boots extend above the knees and normally made of leather to synthetic materials. Renaissance boot also has great demand as it is associated with a glorious era. The long jackets, coats and well knitted pirate hats are the other notable accessories in the pirate dressing.

Shirts used to be men’s costume till 20th century, though it is fondly worn by women these days. Shirts are considered as formal wear for men in any event and normally come with collar, sleeve with cuffs and a full opening with number of buttons. There are different types of shirt such as dress shirts, designer shirts, pirate shirts, fashion shirts, casual shirts, t-shirts etc.

Similarly skirts have an unassailable place in the women’s costume which is draped from the waist. As shirts, there is variety of skirts such as miniskirts, designer skirts, pirate skirts, long skirts, under skirts etc. Blouse is attire fondly worn by the women and children. Blouses are shirts which has feminine appearance that touches the waist or little below. They are made of cotton or synthetic material and may come with or without collar and sleeves.

The attires of the medieval age revealed their societal status. There are different types of medieval dresses. The land lords wore a long linen light shirt as innerwear and a decorated gown usually by velvet is draped by men. Women preferred to wear woolen embroidery gowns that were long enough to touch the floor. Similarly rich people wore brilliantly colored soft material.