Pro skate shoes are worn by skilled skateboarders. Skateboarding began as wooden boxes of planks attached to roller skates wheels and it was an alternative sport for surfers when the waves were flat. Over time, as skateboarding grew in popularity, it became a sport in its own right and the current skateboarders have brought their skills to a whole new level. In skateboarding, other than the skateboard, the pro skate shoes are also very important. These shoes are different from the regular shoes as they are made with stronger material. In addition, the soles are flat and must have a good grip on the board.

Different shoes will serve different purposes. If you are just out for a cruise, a thin and light canvas pro skate shoe with vulcanized soles will suffice. This would be one of the thinnest shoes that will best allow you to feel your board. Cruise in style with Vans canvas pro skate shoes. How about the Vans Mens J-Lay Shoes in brown or black. This shoe features suede and stonewashed canvas upper, lace-up front and padded tongue and collar. The soles are classic vulcanized rubber waffle outsole for better grip and durability. Alternatively, you can choose slip-ons like the Vans Mens Classic Slip on shoes. It comes with canvas upper in a casual skateboarder style and has elastic goring at the sides for easy on/off padded collar. Lightly cushioned, these shoes perfect for a quick cruise around the neighbourhood.

If you are going to be jumping off park benches or bigger things, you need the high tops shoes with vulcanized soles. These shoes come with sticky rubber outsoles for better stick on the grip tape. Choose shoes with soft rather than hard soles as hard soles slide off easier. These shoes have a thicker tongue to protect your feet in case you get hit by the board while jumping. Check out the DC high top pro skate shoes such as the Black Base Skate Shoe. The foam padded tongue and spandex tongue holders ensure comfort and protection against abrasions. In addition, the upper is made from soft resilient leather and the perforated upper panel provides increased airflow. For something funkier, the DC LX Galactica Men's Shoes is what you need. In a combination of black and turquoise or black and yellow, it is bound to blaze on your skateboard.

The thing about thin shoes is that it won't be very durable. So if you constantly doing ollies and flips, durability might be your main criteria. If that is the case, have a look at Nike pro skate shoes. Light up your board with the Nike Men's 6.0 Dunk Shoes. These shoes are strong, dependable and full of high tech details that a good pro skate shoe should have. With an outsole pattern for ultimate grip, you can go ahead and show-off your stuns with confidence. With a sturdy upper made of leather, suede and nubuck overlays, go ahead and do your ollies without fear of putting a hole in the shoe. The full-length EVA midsole provide great cushioning for your feet. The mesh tongue with perforations provides breathability so you can wear it the whole day at campus and then head straight to the skate park.

As different shoes have different purposes, it is no surprise that pro skateboarders have more than one pair of shoes for their favourite sport. No matter which type of shoe you may choose the basic point to remember is choose one that fits just right. Getting a right fit will ensure you don't hurt yourself while exhibiting your great skating skills.