You've spent an enormous amount of time hunting for the perfect wedding gown and have made through a scuffling battle to search for dresses for the bridesmaids. Now, it's time to decide on your mother's dress. Choosing mother bride dresses is a daunting business. You need to figure out and decide on a dress that goes with your mother's taste (worse if she has awful old-fashion taste) and in the same time blends well with your wedding theme.

To start off, look for mother bride dresses from designers that are experts in this area. That would give a head start on what to look for. Then refine your search by considering personal tastes, colors and styles. There are plenty of options in the market, but some of the best; believe it or not, are available online! Instead of having a day out with the bride-to-be mothers, dresses can be searched while sitting comfortably in your chair. We'll tell you next on how to look for dresses that would make mothers look stunning on such a momentous occasion.

Many good brands have specific-mother-of-the-brides-dresses. When choosing a brand, look for a reputable name that has received good reviews and testimonials - like J Kara for instance. Known for giving an overall look that is polished, sophisticated and has a little hint of glamour, J Kara is now a favorite in the online industry. Every piece of J Kara mother of the bride dresses is designed with matured women in mind ' modest and appropriate cuttings with sleek silhouettes, simple elegant drapes and exquisite details. The J Kara Chiffon Beaded Gown is a good pick for mothers who'd like to show off toned arms. This sleeveless 2-piece full length gown comes with white hand-beaded floral design on its V-hemline bodice, making it a stunning dress perfect for any glamorous wedding parties.

Remember that you're aiming for a dress that matches the theme of the wedding. That would mean a contemporary chic dress for modern weddings, a fabulous enchanting dress for fairytale weddings and a fun-in the-sun dress for beach weddings. When choosing a color, try wearing dresses of a softer version of the main color palette. And definitely avoid a dress with the same color as the bride's. Pastel mother of the bride dresses are always a safe option. For instance, if the wedding theme color is silver and fern green, and the bride gown is ivory; choose a dress in light colors like champagne, asparagus or tea green.

Another thing to consider is the style of the dress. When you say style, there is absolutely no limit to what you can choose from. As long as it's appropriate and not over powering the bride's dress, you're just good to go. Again, tie it down to the theme of the wedding. Choose knee length dresses for weddings during the day and go for long length gowns for evening wedding parties. For warm summer or garden spring weddings, wear light breezy dresses and choose long sleeve mother of the bride dresses for weddings in the fall or winter.

You've got the dress, now it's time to accessorize. Since mother of the brides are the distinguished guest of honor, then you know that eyes will also be on them during the whole party. There's definitely no need to draw attention with gaudy oversized jewelries that'll drown them away. Stick with simple elegant brooches, rings, necklaces and bracelets. Another thing to consider is the shoes. Since the mothers will be co-entertaining the guests and would probably be standing most of the time, always make sure that the foot wear is as comfortable as the dress. Look for low heels or flat wedding shoes which come with beautiful details or just keep it simple with clean cut designs like the Women's Delilah from Dyeable. This 1.5 inch solid heeled sandal has cushioned insoles for extra comfort of the mother of the bride.

These are just some tips on how to style your mothers and make them shine on your wedding day. Now, go start your search. Good luck and happy hunting!