Champagne bridesmaid dresses are classy, elegant and are worth considering if you are on the look out for simple gowns for your bridesmaid. There are many different types of champagne bridesmaid dresses to choose from and you will probably have a very hard time picking a style and cutting that suits your wedding theme when almost every single one is just as beautiful as the next one. Dresses the color of champagne will somewhat give your special occasion an extra special shine and yet in a very subtle way.

For a fun and chic look, you will probably fall in love with short champagne bridesmaid dresses. Dresses of this length are not too formal and with the right cutting and design, it can still pass muster for a wedding. Short gowns need not be above knee-length but could also be just below knee length or a few inches above the ankles, like the classic cocktail dress length. It can also be ultra short for a sexy look especially if teamed with tights and stilettos. Of course, gowns this length is pretty versatile too as the bridesmaid can later wear them at other functions or even for a hot date.

If you prefer something more formal, then choosing long champagne bridesmaid dresses is a better bet. The full length gowns look great on almost anyone so you don't have to worry about it not fitting your bridesmaids. They will look gorgeous in full length gowns. Of course, you do not want to be upstaged during your own wedding by your bridesmaids so don't worry, as gorgeous as they will look in long champagne gowns, they will not look as radiant as the bride!

After deciding on the length and color of the bridesmaid dress, it is time you concentrate on the materials that best suit this kind of dresses. One of the best materials are champagne silk bridesmaid dresses that are satiny smooth and beautiful. Silk brings out the elegance of the gowns and adds a touch of class to it too. Not only that, it is also very comfortable so your bridesmaid will not be fidgeting, or worse scratching, needlessly in scratchy uncomfortable gowns. Silk gowns also creates a streamlined silhouette with no ugly bunches. Just remember to choose gowns made of real silk.

Finally, the design and cutting of the bridesmaid dress is also important. You surely do not want your bridesmaid to look like they are wearing mere gunny sacks to your wedding. If your line up of bridesmaid have great looking figures, you should really consider getting them champagne sheath bridesmaid dresses that are fantastically flattering and figure hugging. Sheath dresses are also simple and has less distracting frills. There are plenty of sheath gown designs, either short or full length, with amazingly great cutting to give the illusion of smaller waists and a slimmer figure. If anything, you can even choose one of these gowns for your own use in future formal events.

Preparing for a wedding can be really hectic and stressful so it is best that you get the choosing of bridesmaid gowns out of the way fast. At least you won't have to worry about the bridesmaids' attire while you run around checking with the wedding planner, the caterers, the florists and choosing your own wedding gown.