When it comes to maternity clothes, sometimes moms to be don't always get the best selection. Maternity clothes can be bulky and not very flattering, but they don't all have to be! You can easily find clothes that make you feel good while allowing you to stay comfortable as your belly continues to grow. When you are expecting, the last thing you want to do is only wear huge dresses! You want to remain feminine and you can easily with the proper clothes that fit your mom-to-be figure.

The Gap Foldover Yoga Capris are comfortable and all around very attractive on a woman's frame no matter how many months she is into her pregnancy. These super soft pants have a fold over waistband that can easily roll up or down depending on how much support you need in that given day. When you are pregnant you want a pair of pants that will be able to work with you no matter how your body changes, and these are the pants that will do just that.

The Anne Taylor Loft Maternity Skinny Leg Jeans by Japanese Weekend are slimming and controlling so they will be able to hold you in all the right areas while flattering your figure. These jeans have a fabric covered stretch denim panel along the waist so there is a lot of give in order to keep you comfortable and never feeling too confined. There are also belt loops and a faux zipper in the front. These dark denim jeans will hold your curves and make you feel absolutely great no matter what!

The Pea in the Pod Half Belly Twill Back Pockets Slim Leg Maternity Crop Pants is cute, hip and perfect for any expecting mother. These pants cover half of the belly to keep you feeling secure, while not too restricted. The fit is slim but relaxed and the fabric has a bit of stretch in order to really allow you to have the proper fit to your every growing shape. Suring the warm months, you need a pair of pants that will keep you cool and still very stylish all at the same time!

The Juicy Couture Maternity Velour Drawstring Pants are perfect when you are sitting on the couch or when you are off running around doing your baby errands. There is a ribbed waist and a flare leg so you will get a very comfortable fit. You will absolutely love how plush these pants feel against your skin, and may actually have a hard time wanting to ever take them off! Who says you can't be pregnant in design clothes?

The J Brand Maternity 12' Pencil Leg Jeans are as sexy as you will get when it comes to slimming jeans when you are pregnant. These ultimate flattering jeans have a straight fit that has an elastic waist and a lot of stretch. You may be pregnant but you do not have to feel like an old mother hen! These are the jeans to bring you back to feeling good about yourself and your body. They will be able to provide you with comfort and overall very hip style.

Ladies, when it comes to maternity clothes, you can find ones that make you really feel pretty, sexy and everything in between! There is no need to dress like a frump just because you have a baby bump!