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Authenticating wholesale apparel
By Janes Deals
Published on 03/20/2008
The first step in buying closeout apparel is to understand the difference between closeout apparel and inline wholesale merchandise.

Closeout apparel can be overstock, salvage, surplus, inventory clearance, store returns, factory cancellations, shelf pulls or factory rejects. Closeout apparel might have defects or inperfections. Closeouts can me factory seconds. Closeouts are manufactured worldwide.

Myth: If it comes from China it is fake.

Fact: Made in China does Not mean the goods are fake. Authentic apparel is being manufactured in China, Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey, Peru, El Salvador, Mexico, Hong Kong and many more countries.

Myth: Poor quality clothing with loose threads is fake.

Fact: Authentic apparel is not always perfect. Authentic irregular and seconds are liquidated at the discount factory outlets each day. New factory made goods from China are being produced. These "China produced garments" are of a lower quality but it should be noted that the quality is not relative to the authenticity.

Myth: If the price is too low it is fake.

Fact: Low pricing does Not mean the apparel is fake, it simply means the apparel is discounted for a reason. Factory stores will discount apparel that is being closed out from last season or if there is overstock of the current goods. The factory retail stores discount the prices on authentic branded apparel between 50% - 75% off the retail price.

Myth: If there is unlimited supplies it is fake.

Fact: Many of the factory stores are producing ongoing supplies for the factory outlet stores. The garments manufactured for the factory stores is usually lower quality. The RL and the Brooks Brothers stores are two examples of outlet stores selling unlimited supplies of polos in all sizes and colors.

What does the Labels of Authentic Apparel look like?