in the mordern and fast-developed world, more and more people like to have dfferent tattoos on some parts of their bodies.

why does tattoo fashion designs can develop so fast and become one of the most popular fashion industries in the whold world ?

Firstly, more and more NBA stars like Kobe Bryant prefer stylish tattoo designs like the dragon or tiger or other religious symboles. so that most of their fans will go to make the same tattoos to express their love to their idols.

Kobe Bryant fashion tattoo plus its premier tattoo kits

fashion dragon tattoo designs with excellent tattoo kits

Moreover, most famous movie stars also like to have sexy tattoos to stand out and show off their personal characters.

Here , we take some examples and pictures .

 Sarah Conner in a celebration.

Of course , there are still some other reasons for this popularity . someone view it as a tool to release their enthusiasm while someone just persue this fashion trend.

 The most important factors for the boom of this new fashion industries lie in the advanced science and technology. with the lunch of the new 10 coil-wraps tattoo guns , it is easier and less painful to have the tattoos on the body.

 take the VVME brand 2 Guns Tattoo Kit, Premier

for example

As for the 10-wrap coils

    * 10 Wrap Coils High Quality Machine
    * Great for both liner and shader
    * Very great design
    * Light Weight Frame, compact, and easy for use
    * Fits Most Tattoo Disposable Tubes and SS Tubes
    * Low noise, stable performance.

 Even though someone still hold suspicious attitude about the safety of tattoo, it cant prevent it from being the most developed new fashion industry in the new era...

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