There was a Shakespearean expression that says, 'Clothes maketh the man'. It means that the clothes you wear can say a lot about who you are or what you believe in. Anything that you choose to put on you will somehow reflect your personality. Believe it or not, this is also true when it comes to belts. While the cowboy era has ended long ago, the trend of wearing mens western belts has not. In fact, it has garnered greater popularity more than ever and making a comeback in fashion. These belts are of classic style, yet unique and modern at the same time. Contrary any other type of belts, the mens western belts can express more personal characteristics of the wearer, since they are designed with themes and pictorial messages.

These belts can come in many designs, styles and themes. The designs inspired by the Old West times are often very traditional looking. There are usually scroll works, engravings or carvings on the buckles, which are mostly made of metal. Some even have engravings of animals, guns or boots on them. These are usually best matched with Western outfits along with the cowboy hat. The old western look would then be complete (don't forget the cowboy boots too!).

For western belts that are slightly modern looking, check out the ones made by Ariat. They are, more often than not, genuine leather belts with careful and detailed craftsmanship. Most of them feature studworks conchos and naiheads and embossed with basket weave billets. They come either with fixed or removable buckles. The ones with removable buckles would be handy to have as you can interchange them as you like. If Ariat does not suit your taste, you can still look at the belts by Leegin, which are also made from leather. Similarly the belts also feature intricate handiworks.

If you really are looking for belts that can really last long and look great as well, then you should head over for the more popular type of belts ' handmade belts. These belts are made with fine hand-craftsmanship that simply cannot be compared to those made from the factory. The details on it are very unique and, more often than not, one of a kind. Luckily for all of us, the price tags aren't too expensive.

To stand out in the crowd, you need something with an extra glitter. Why not try on some of the belts that are studded with rhinestones or rivets? While rhinestone studded western belts used to be popular only among the women folks, they have risen to fame with the male population as well. Don't worry though, wearing one of these rhinestone studded belts is not going to make you look girly or soft. On the contrary, it will show how confident and comfortable you are with yourself. Besides you can always pick up the belts with fewer studs but still enough to attract attention.

Western belts are actually great accessories to have around, regardless of whether you are dressing up in the Western style. They are versatile enough to match other clothing and would still manage to complement your look (alas, it is not a suitable piece to wear to work). But if you are dressing up for that rugged western look, you would really need these belts to complete it. Nothing else can replace western belts to give you that kind of style. They are, after all, a fashion on their own.