Former research scientist trades in her lab coat to design handbags.

Debuting in Spring 2006, Stylesse Handbags & Apparel is poised to become the handbag world’s next big thing. Created by Ehmonie Hainey, a fashionable former research scientist and self taught fashion designer, Stylesse was developed over the past two years in her spare time. After spending years in the laboratory, Ms. Hainey decided it was time for a career change, and she pursued one of her first loves, entrepreneurship. (She launched her own beaded jewelry business at 16, and a pressed flower design company, Couture de Fleur, at 24).

Trading in her lab coat for a briefcase, she enrolled in an MBA program at Syracuse University, where Ms. Hainey quickly discovered another love, media, and also pursued a Master’s degree in Media Management. Immersed in the snowy winters of Syracuse, she began to sew in her free time, and started making handbags that drew admiration from her classmates and friends. After realizing her primary passion, she became committed to launching her label.

“Stylesse is a combination of the best things in life: style and finesse.” Ms. Hainey’s collection uses interesting and unexpected fabrics and leather, shapes and colors, and turns them into stylish, cutting-edge, and fully functional pieces. One of the focal pieces of the collection is the brilliantly-designed, cleverly crafted “Lightning Strikes” Tote. The embossed leather strap is formed into the shape of a lightning bolt, complementing the turquoise leather on the remainder of the bag. Other pieces to blow the rent on (or at least the cable bill) include the oversized, studded “Infinity” Hobo, the retro-inspired “Basketweave” Tote, and the deceptive ‘camouflage’ print “Demi Lune” Clutch, with a throwback to the pin-up girls of old. Retail prices range reasonably from $90-$480.

Also available for purchase are items in the Grab Bag – bags handmade in limited quantities. Significantly less expensive, but just as delightful pieces include the candy-dotted “Jawbreaker” Clutch, the ballerina-like “Pas de Deux” Clutch, and the tennis-themed “Wimbledon” Wristlet. 

About Stylesse Handbags & Apparel
Stylesse is a combination of the best things in life: style + finesse. Stylesse is the ultimate fusion of refinement, skill, and artisanship meeting the fashion of elegant movement and the individual expression of self.

Beginning as a vision of fashion liberation and neo-couture creativity, Stylesse is daring to lead a revolution in the fashion industry. Cutting-edge styles and artistic expressions are of the essence to the designer, who believes in pushing the envelope and tossing out the idea that fashion must be standardized.

Vibrant colors, rare patterns, fabulous prints… they’re all here. Most importantly, the Stylesse phenomenon challenges women to wear their personality on the outside. Whether you’re funky or fresh, there is something here for you. Stylesse welcomes you to a haven rich with style and finesse.

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