Every girl should own a pair of gold pumps for the sheer reason that there is no better way to say hello to the new millennium than to pair up your trusted basics with a pair of flashy new heels.

For centuries, the color gold has been representative of as one's wealth and power. So it is no wonder why every girl should be on the hunt for her favorite pair of pumps in gold. Gold is a unique but universally understood fashion statement, one that has served mankind well for thousands of years.

From the times of ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans to more modern times, man has been fascinated with the beauty and magic of gold. So let's start thinking of gold pumps as a staple. These must have pumps are not just for costume parties or once in a life time special occasions. Gold pumps are chic, trendy and ready to wear for every occasion.

Wear your favorite gold pumps in metallic or mat colors. Pair your fashionable new shoes with a smart suit or your favorite denim jeans. Gold pumps are as versatile as they are unique.

So just hurry up and let your new pair of gold pumps liven up your wardrobe and secure your place in the fashion world. Or just be happy to give your standby favorite outfits an updated look.

Every girl must have a pair of gold pumps because they are just one shoe that you will surely pay dividends. Plus, the color gold has a few nuances that offer many options for every fashionista.

For the conservative fashionista you must have a pair of gold pumps in mat honey gold. This gold color will not overwhelm the rest of your ensemble. The softer balanced honey gold color will have all of the bells and whistles of wearing a gold pump without the blatant display of power.

A gold pump makes a bold and powerful statement. The mat gold will be better for a fashionista who doesn't what to make the shoe the main attraction, in the same way that the 'look at me' metallic gold would. The metallic gold pump is better for the girl on the go. Let's discuss.

For the fashionista on the go- who perhaps doesn't have time to shop for a new wardrobe next season, check out your favorite gold pump in a rich metal metallic. Fashionista's on the go are not afraid to make a bold unforgettable statement with the shoe as the zinger.

So, the girl on the go must have a pair of pumps in metallic gold because it is the fastest and most effective way to turn out a basic outfit to supermodel status. If you don't have time to shop for a new set of new basics consider buying the quintessential sparkling metallic gold pump to rev things up!

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