Fashion Newspaper -
Posh Rags Originals
By Maxamillion Blick
Published on 05/1/2006
Posh Rags Originals has always controlled its own brand distribution, which in strategy would reduce “Fakes” however this seems not to be the case! The demand
far outstrips supply and now it appears the natural conclusion of this strategy has spawned an underground industry of genuinely desired fakes.  Our design team
has refined our garments in a way that it may take some time for the “Fakers” to catch on!

The fake sub-brand has even fooled some Posh Rags Originals aficionado’s!  All Posh Rags Original garments now have a certain number within the garments number
that can be matched with its tag! We know this will not stop fakes! However it may take some time before the fakers catch on to this one! We are always trying
to refine our garments so that Posh Rags Originals, maintains the High Quality that comes with the Posh Rags Originals brand.