The Power Rangers costumes are in town to save the Halloween season from dull and boring costumes. Power Up in your cool and funky power ranger costume this Halloween. The Power Ranger costumes are based on the characters from the television series the Power Rangers.

Costume Discounters features the officially licensed Child's Black Muscle RMP Power Ranger Costume Power Ranger costume. This black ranger and features a black full body suit. The upper body of the costume has a power ranger logo on the chest. The costume has a muscle detailing on the chest and upper arm region. It also has a two white straps converging from the shoulder down to the yellow belt with logo buckle. The sleeves feature yellow and white bands at the cuff. This cool power ranger costume comes equipped with a face helmet.

The child Reversible RPM Power Ranger Costume from Costume Hub is a cool Power Ranger Costume. This full body suit costume is a multi-purpose costume that can be reversed to obtain either red or blue ranger costume and features their respective power ranger logos. This costume has a foam muscled definition in the chest and bicep region. It has a black shiny belt with Power Ranger buckle. This officially licensed costume also consists of red and blue masks having a transparent visor.

The Power Ranger Mystic Force 7/8 Dress Up costume from Discuise is the Red Ranger Costume for kids. This cool Power Ranger Costume consists of a red full body jumpsuit with two black straps with gold edge running along the length of the costume. This Red Ranger costume also has a gold belt with huge gold Power Ranger buckle. The costume has a shiny red cape and a diamond shaped flap around the neck with black and gold straps. It also includes a pair of gold colored gloves. It also includes the Red Ranger helmet with the Red Ranger logo on the front.

The Child Deluxe Green RPM Costume from Power is the costume of the Green Ranger. This cool Power Ranger costume comprises of a green jumpsuit with the Green Ranger logo on the chest. This costume has foam muscle detailing on the chest region and also in the upper arm region. It has silver straps that taper towards the bright stitched yellow belt with Power Ranger buckle. It has a high round collar and features trimming on the sleeves. This officially licensed costume also features the Green Ranger helmet with transparent visor for vision.

The Child Yellow RPM Power Ranger Costume from is the Yellow Ranger costume featuring a full-body jumpsuit with Yellow Ranger logo on the chest. This cool Power Ranger costume consists of an attached black belt with Power Ranger logo and features two silver straps on the front and a high round white collar and fabric accents on the sleeve. It also has a matching yellow helmet to complete the look.

Wear the costume of your favorite power ranger character and morph into a super human fighting machine this Halloween.

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