Who says men don't care about fashion? That old generalization can die, and it can die hard. We know there millions of men who pride themselves on purchasing and wearing the best.


The Urbanite works hard, and lives hard. You enjoy the city life in all its glory, and you make sure that you look great 24/7. Mirrored Dolce and Gabbana aviator style lenses are just perfect for those sunny days in the city. You can meet with clients for a power lunch, or check your Twitter account from the comfort of a coffee shop; your Dolce and Gabbana aviator sunglasses will be with you every step of the way. Also consider D&G DG2056.


The trendster doesn't just follow trends; the trendster sets trends. These black sunglasses are versatile, and can be worn with whatever look you decide to possess. One morning you may decide to mesh western and urban clothing together. The next day you may be rocking sturdy jeans, a mellow scarf, and a sports coat. The gradient lenses will protect your eyes, and the unique arms and wide bridge set these frames apart from humdrum sunglasses. Also consider these palladium brown D&G frames.



There's no doubt about it: these Dolce and Gabbana frames are destined for a ton o'life! These dark, thick frames have a vintage structure, and minimalist feel. When you're feeling basic, or plan to wear all black, these frames add a great touch to your outfit. A bright multicolored scarf paired with a chic black sheath and structured topper are a great way to rock these frames. Also consider these frames DG6025B

Street Flair

These crazy, sexy, cool Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses are all that, and then some!! You're going to love the multicolor stripes that make these frames pop! Other printed frames include these square framed animal print sunglasses and these funky pair.

Of course these are a just a few of the hundreds of Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses and eyeglasses you can find here on This consistent brand would never lead you down the wrong path, and you can count on Dolce and Gabbana to provide you with top quality and fashionable designer sunglasses.

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