For a traditional hat with the feather and all, pick up the Bailey Madison hat for $181.00. This hat is definitely more reserved for a night out at the ballet or theatre, but your girlfriend or wife will love your efforts nonetheless! This fabulous hat will look great in the winter months when worn with your long black overcoat for a look that is straight out of old Hollywood!

For a classic style that will go with everything in your professional wardrobe, pick up the RVCA Nolo hat for $32.50. This hat is design in soft wool to feel great against your skin while providing you the warmth that you need. The black band wraps around the rim of this hat creating a nice contrast to an otherwise monotone hat. Made of 100% wool, this is the best option to pick up for a great hat to wear with your many suits or sportcoats. You will love the way that this hat fits and frames your face, providing you with that gentlemanly air that ladies will definitely be noticing!

For a hat that brings a little college professor to your look pick up the Regalia hat for $35.00. This hat is designed in cotton, so it is a great option for fall, before the weather starts to cool too much. The plaid print band will remind you of your grade school uniform, while the contrast plaid print lining highlights the detail that went into the construction of this great hat. This will be a great hat to wear out to dinner with your girlfriend and will go great with your basic outfits.

For an interesting twist on the classic design, pick up the RVCA Simon hat for $29.50. This hat is made of 100% polyester knit material that resembles one of your favorites sweaters or scarves. At a distance, this hat looks like an ordinary hat, but come closer and you will see the difference in this style that will have everyone admiring your sense of style and unique attention to detail. The plaid band that wraps around the hat resembles one of your father's old ties. The light construction makes this hat completely wearable and comfortable. This will go great with jeans and a t-shirt for a day running errands or watching the football game with your buddies at the neighborhood bar.

With fall upon us, we all know that often times we are blessed with those exceptionally warm fall days. Days that make you wish you had worn a hat, but thought that your wool hat would be too warm with the sunshine. This Volcom Barley hat is a great choice to bring out for those warm days. The intricate paper weave allows breathability and provides great comfort. The band wraps around the rim of this hat and is similar in style to your favorite gingham shorts from the summer months. Bring summer back, even if just for a day, with this great design!

These classic designs in fedoras are sure to throw you into a chivalrous mood, and will definitely have the ladies eyeing your 'fall fabulous' sense of style!

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