In French, the word chiffon means cloth or rag. I'm sure you wouldn't want the latest chiffon dress you bought considered a rag, but long ago they were considered a very inexpensive piece of cloth. Made from fabrics like cotton, silk or synthetic fibers, chiffon is a most likely described as a sheer material, usually used in women's clothing. Today it is probably one of the most popular fabric choices for women just because of their light and flowy properties. Honestly, I probably have dozens or chiffon blouses and dresses that I wear on a daily basis. But overall, chiffon is a great material that can add that perfect touch of femininity to any look. And what better way to play onto this girly material than to make it into a dress? In clothing stores across the country there is probably at least one form of chiffon dress in one way or another. From Target to Saks, the chiffon dress is everywhere. With all that said, here are some favorite chiffon dresses out there in the market today.

First off is the Meredith Chiffon Dress from Delias. For about $44.50, this bohemian mini dress is the perfect dress for the young and fabulous. The overall design of the dress is simple, with flowy winged half sleeves and a loose 70's baby doll shape. It also has a simple scoop neckline and a seamless ruffle skirt at the bottom. But what makes this dress the ultimate bohemian dress is the vintage paisley pattern, which makes it look simply stunning.

Another favorite chiffon dress this year seems to be the simple long day gown. The Whitney Long Dress in silk chiffon from J. Crew is yet another stunning casual day gown that you see many women wear these days. This particular dress is made of light blue and white silk chiffon, resembling the soft waves of the ocean. It truly has a beachy feel to it, as it has a fitted strapless bodes and flowing long skirt, which adds tremendous movement after every move you make'simply stunning.

How about a good old fashioned party dress. When going to a club or out to a hot date, a nice chiffon mini dress adds not only a touch of elegance but a ton of sex appeal. The Wonderland Silk Chevron Dress by Ella Moss is an amazing party dress that will make you the hottest chick in the room. At first glance the dress has a cool 60's mod vibe to it, with its mini helm line, but it adds a touch of modern trends like the tiered ruffle skirt and an interesting pattern that I can only describe as a knit pattern on chiffon. It's a beautiful going out dress, and for $198, it is worth every penny.

Now onto an essential piece that every woman should have: the LBD, or the 'little black dress'. Literally there are a never ending number of fabulous black dresses out there. But a personal favorite for me is the M by Marc Bouwer Chiffon Pleated Dress. Retailing for $100, it is chic dress that rightly take advantage of the chiffon's delicate flowing properties. It has a simple bat winged sleeves and an A-line bottom that perfectly hangs right above the knee. Also coming with a metallic belt that cinches the waist, it creates a tiny figure for any woman'and really isn't that what all girls look for in the perfect LBD?

Chiffon is such a versatile material that can be transformed to basically anything. From a nice summery dress to a hot party dress, the chiffon dress is an essential piece for any woman.

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