When you live in California like I do, you are blessed with constant sunny weather. Even in the 'winter' time (and I say use the term 'winter' very loosely) the sun is still shining. Which is why in true Californian fashion, a pair of sunglasses are as much of a staple as a great fitting pair of jeans. Sunglasses, especially vintage sunglasses, are all the rage and it is not hard to figure out why. With the popularity of such sunglass models as the Ray Ban Wayfarers literally flying off the shelves, it is obvious that the vintage sunglasses are a big trend these days. But there is more to vintage sunglasses than just Ray Bans. There are a ton of designers out there that are tapping into designing vintage inspired sunglasses that are, well, totally awesome!

Karen Walker Epiphany Sunglasses for $180

Karen Walker is probably one the more notable designers that constantly produces great vintage inspired eyewear. And although she does shelve out a fabulous line of ready to wear clothing and jewelry, I am personally very much in love with her eyewear line. The Epiphany model for $180 is simply a great example of an awesome pair of vintage sunglasses. These sunglasses totally take you back to the 50's where the men use to wear those wayfarer-like eyeglasses. However these particular pair has a metal frame, instead of a plastic frame, and are just absolutely a blast from the past.

Prada PR 21LS Sunglasses for $245

What's not to say about Prada? Well if you had a look of Prada's PR 21LS Sunglasses, you probably couldn't stop talking about it. These sunglasses are absolutely chic, and they definitely belong to a woman that is equally chic and stylish. These plastic frame sunglasses come with a round dark lens that are the perfect pair of shades for an old time movie star or a high society socialite. In fact I could probably see Jackie O donning a pair of these glasses while sailing off the coast of Greece with Mr. Aristotle Onassis. That's how fabulous these sunglasses are.

Karen Walker Duper Strength Solid Grape Sunglasses for $191

I couldn't resist but to put in another Karen Walker creation on the list. The Duper Strength Solid Grape Sunglasses are absolutely corky with its coke bottle eyeglass-inspired shape. Made out a plastic frame, which is contrasted with gold-colored metal temples, these sunglasses are for those women that dare to look nerdy, but in a fabulous way.

Quiksilver Griffin Sunglasses for $119

The Quiksilver brand is known for cool and funky skate, surf and snowboarding apparel, but it seems that their sunglasses line is immerging as an even hotter line. The Griffin Sunglasses is a great unisex sunglass that screams 80's all over it. Reminiscent of those old 3D glasses that you use to wear in the movie theatre, the Griffin has a simple medium sized rectangular plastic frame and dark lenses. It is a definitely a throwback to the 80's, but it is still relevant to today's style.

Carrera Endurance Sunglasses for $150

Ok, a vintage sunglass article cannot be complete without a reference to Carrera. The iconic brand was popular some 20 to 30 years ago for their innovative designs, and even more innovative sunglass technology. Although they are not as well known today as their counterparts, Carrera is still a brand that still stays true to its design aesthetics. Reviving their line of oversized plastic aviators, the brand is gaining a new slew of young and fashionable wearers. The Endurance Sunglasses are just one example of Carrera's signature design of those plastic aviators that were so popular during the 70's and 80's. It is a beautiful pair of sunglasses and is definitely for those that are daring and fashionable.

As you can see, vintage sunglasses are all the rage, especially among young fashionistas that are tired of looking like everyone else. Hopefully with these five fabulous sunglasses you'll fall in love with the vintage sunglass trend.

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