What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words: 'top hat'? Do you think magician, the guy on the Monopoly game, or even good old honest Abe? Well, I suppose that the top hat is synonymous with old time fashion and magic, but there's a whole new world of top hats'especially for women. Take my word for it, top hats are not just for the men anymore. They can be worn as a costume or even incorporated to everyday life. You just need to know how to wear them.

History Lesson

Before we get into how top hats are relevant in today's world, let us take a look back at the iconic past of the top hat. First worn in the 1790's on the streets of London, the top hat initially caused a major stir. The infamous piece of headwear not only turned heads, but even made women faint at the very sight. Flash forward to the 1800's, all men from all walks of life wore the top hat on a regular basis. To distinguish themselves from the rest of the population, the upper class often customized their hats by incorporating luxurious materials such as fur to single them out. Then by the early 1900's women began wearing top hats, generally for equestrian purposes.

And there you go, quick and comprehensive history of the top hat. Let's move on, shall we?

Top Hats Today

Well these days not a lot of people, especially young people, incorporate top hats into their everyday wardrobe. I totally get it; we don't necessarily popular stores like Macy's or even Forever 21 stocking the shelves with the latest top hats. However top hats can add a sense of playfulness that generally can be played into an everyday outfit.

Surfing through the internet, I came across photos of these cool Japanese girls from the famous Harajuku district in Tokyo, wearing a short top hat that complemented their whole Lolita look. Grant it, I know it was just cosplay (costume play), but it looked awesome to see that these women had the guts to wear such a daring statement piece'like the top hat'in public. And let me tell you, they looked stellar.

Where to buy them

As mentioned before, top hats are hard to come by these days in the stores. So if you're a gal that is in need of a top hat fix, where to you go? Well if you look hard enough, there are special retailers and even chain department stores that carry some fabulous top hats. For an inexpensive fix, Target currently has a Velour Top Hat that will only set you back only $13. It's a medium size black top hat that is not only a classic, but comes at an even better price.

However if you are in the hunt for a top hat that is more luxurious and beautifully handcrafted, then the Kaminski Equestrian Hat is the hat for you. Setting you back about $200, this particular top hat truly channels the old time women that use to wear top hats while ridding their horses. It has a short top and a meticulously shaped brim, and along with little details like the carefully placed ribbon applied to the base, it is truly a beauty.

So do you think top hats are just for men back in the 1800's? Whether you use them in a costume or your daily wardrobe, top hats still remain to be one of the most classic pieces of headwear.

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