As the weather gets a little colder and people leave the shorts for sweaters, our style begins to change'especially on the accessories front. From scarves to beanies, winter accessories are not only there to keep you warm, but they are there to add a sense of style to your look. Which is exactly why for this winter season, men should think about spicing up their look by wearing winter hats. Winter hats for men these days are more fashion forward and not as drab as they were before. The only problem is that there are still a ton of horrible looking men's winter hats that are not even worthy of wearing outside the house. So what do you look for men when you want to find a hot winter hat that will make the girls go crazy? Well here are a few hot pieces of headwear, and some that are just a hot mess.

Hot item: The Loose Beanie

A great winter hat that is basically a staple for both men and women is the beanie. This season, a loose beanie is the choice that you guys should make when looking for a good winter hat. Beanies are not only functional and comfortable, but they are easy to put on and even easier to wash. Skating brand DC has a good solid collection of beanies; and the Yeppa 10 model is a simple and nice beanie that is stylish for men. The loose beanie is a great choice for men, but as a tip to wearing them, please let the hat hang loose on your head for a more relaxed feel.

Not item: Ski Masks

No ski masks ever! Unless, you are out there in the tundra or are involved in a major jewelry heist, there is no reason for anyone to wear this horrible thing. It doesn't matter how cold it is, there is no reason for you to wear a full on ski mask on the streets. And to be quite honest, ski masks are a little scary to look at. Maybe because they are synonymous with criminals and criminal activity, but this winter 'hat' is a menace to fashion society.

Hot item: Trapper Hats

Whenever I think of trapper hats, I instantly am reminded of the movie Fargo and the cool hats that the police people wear. I love trapper hats, but if not worn the right way on the right person, it can possibly look a little cheesy. So if you think you can pull off the trapper hat, then might I suggest checking out the Men's Wool Trapper Hat from Target for $19.99. This awesome hat has that classic lumber jack plaid pattern and a faux fur lining, making the top of your head nice and toasty. I absolutely love this hat, and I think it is going to be hot this winter season.

Winter hats are an essential for those cold days and nights, especially for men. So why not get a bunch of the hottest pieces of headwear this season'you sure will be styling throughout those long chilly months.

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