Anxious to start selling your clothing and fashion accessories? Follow the steps below.  From here you will learn how to sell clothing on Amazon.

Step 1 : List your items for sale
Search for the item on and click the Sell Yours Here button. Make sure you have the correct product; one title can have several editions or formats.
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Step 2: Get orders
Amazon sends you an e-mail notification when an item sells and posts the order in your seller account. In case you don't get the e-mail (or it is filtered as spam), make sure to check for orders in your seller account regularly.
How to check orders.

Step 3: Ship items to your buyers
Get the shipping information from the order details in your seller account. Print the packing slip and address label and then purchase postage to mail your item within 2 days of the order date.
How to ship.

Step 4: Get paid
The buyer pays instantly. We charge his or her credit card and, after deducting fees, credit funds to your Marketplace Payments by Amazon account. If your payment information has been on file for 14 days, Amazon then transfers money directly into your bank account.
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If you're planning to sell in volume, review their Selling on Amazon program and learn more about our Pro Merchant Services here.

Source: Above steps from Amazon October 25, 2009.

Please check with Amazon for most current information and requirements for selling clothing on Amazon.  We do not guarantee that the information listed on this article is the most current information. 

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We hope that this fashion article has helped you learn more about how to sell clothing on Amazon.  If you have further questions, you can visit their site and contact them directly with your questions.