Juki Corporation (TOKYO:6440)(ISIN:JP3390400004), the global leader in industrial sewing machines, is pleased to announce that it will release the Exceed Series of home sewing machines from September. The Exceed Series is the result of a fundamental review of core "sewing" functions and uses JUKI’s market-proven technologies used in JUKI’s industrial sewing machines, the industry leader in international markets. The series consists of 3 models, HZL-F300, HZL-F400 and HZL-F600 and targets home decoration and quilting markets, as well as all levels of sewing enthusiasts. The Exceed Series boasts of superior material feeding and stitch quality compared to other sewing machines currently sold in the market. It can accommodate material thickness ranging from light- to heavy-weight, and users will appreciate its high seam quality and sewing performance. The Exceed Series has sewing area of 203mm (W) by 112mm (H) from the right side of machine body to the center of the needle to make material handling easier. With available wide table, users can enjoy much wider, flatter and larger work bed.

Machine quilting is becoming more popular around the world. The Exceed Series is best suited for quilting, with its ease of use and specialized functions as a higher-grade lineup in the mid-range market. Model HZL-F600, "Quilt & Pro Special", offers features and functions including the world’s first foot controller with thread trimming function and random stitch, which quilters all dream about. Users of conventional sewing machines currently on the markets need to reach for scissors or switch when trimming threads. The Exceed Series allows sewers to concentrate on the project without removing their eyesight from the task at hand by providing a foot activated thread trimming switch. Random stitch function offers quilters a stitch formation where various stitch widths of selected patterns are sewn automatically.

Model comparison at glance







Wide Table               Standard               Option        
Knee Lifting Lever              


Sewing Patterns (Fonts)               225 (4)               157 (3)                   106 (3)        
LED Lights               2               1        
Random Stitches               Standard               N/A        

JUKI makes life easier for customers by developing advanced "sewing technologies" adapted from our industrial technologies for both skilled sewing experts and beginners.

About JUKI

Juki Corporation, founded in 1938, is a Japan-based comprehensive manufacturer with the worlds’ largest market share in the field of industrial sewing machines having the users in about 170 countries and regions. Nearly 6,200 employees are working in 20 countries and 120 locations including China, the United States, Singapore, Poland, Switzerland and Italy as well as Japan for the development, manufacture and distribution of industrial robots "pick-and-placers" placing electronics components on various PCBs and household sewing machines in addition to industrial sewing machines. The sales in fiscal 2008 amounted to US$794 million. Please visit http://www.juki.co.jp/index_e.html for details.

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