Drop shipping clothing is a method in which a business does not directly keep any clothing inventory.  Instead, the fashion business takes an order from a customer, places the order with a distributor and the distributor makes the delivery directly to the customer. 
Drop shipping is a simple arrangement that enables a company to sell products at wholesale prices without actually having to handle, store, or ship the merchandise. Companies can sell products without having to own anything.  They can do so on their own website, blog, or through an auction website, such as eBay etc.  After a product sells, simply place the order through your drop shipping provider. While you sit back and enjoy your profit, the order is shipped directly from the manufacturer to your customer.
For example, if company "X" sells a product on their company website for $100 plus $10 shipping and handling. The customer pays company "X" $110. for the product orderedCompany "X" places an order with the drop shipper, and then the drop shipper arranges for product to ship to the purchaser.  Company "X" is billed by the dropper shipper based on an agreed upon price (ideally, less then the price they sold the product to the customer...) 

Drop shipping enables a company or individual to sell products virtually anywhere and without owning inventory. Whether you run an e-commerce store, own a blog, or sell on eBay, drop shipping is often the most efficient method of sourcing products. Drop shipping provides distinct advantages over other business models.

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