It’s a simple fact—  women’s feet are different from men’s.  Foot Levelers’ 5th Avenue Collection of Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers are designed for a women’s body, according to her needs, and then custom-made for her feet and her choice of shoes.

With high-quality support, the 5th Avenue Collection was designed by women specifically for women.  Fashion-conscious women can wear their favorite shoes and maintain a healthy posture with comfort, protection and luxury from Foot Levelers’ Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers. 

“Every woman deserves the comfort, style, and support of walking in a 5th Avenue, said Kent S. Greenawalt, President and CEO of Foot Levelers.  “The 5th Avenue Collection provides all-day wear and fast break-in, leaving women with energy at the end of the day.” 

The original 5th Avenue is available in two styles: the Full Length is designed for laced shoes and offers extra padding in the ball of the foot to accommodate the woman’s foot as she wears them throughout the day.  The 7/8 Length is engineered specifically for women’s heels up to one inch.  The 7/8 Length supports the heel and provides extra cushion for the ball of the foot for total support throughout the day. 

The 5th Avenue Lady Luxury Stabilizers are soft and supportive, providing enhanced comfort and more shock absorption with a Lambson Leather™ top.   Strong and durable, yet thin enough to fit inside fashion shoes - Lambson Leather™ is neutral in color to provide low-visibility support.  The quality added by this premium leather provides a 2-Year Freedom Guarantee for 24 months of problem-free wear.

The 5th Avenue Luxury 7/8 Length Stabilizer has a special, extended forefoot area, Propacel™ to absorb shock to the forefoot and energize during standing and walking, and a Zorbacel® heel pad to provide protection from shock on heel strike. It is designed for use in women’s flats and pumps with heel height up to one inch.  The 5th Avenue Lady Luxury is a Dress Stabilizer for use in women’s pumps with heels from one to two inches high.  An enhancement to the popular Lady Levelers™, this Stabilizer gives spinal-pelvic stability in fashion footwear with higher heels.

The 5th Avenue Illusion is for clogs and mule shoes with open backs.  This thin –heeled orthotic blends into her shoes so well, like an illusion. 

The support and stabilization that she will receive will only be surpassed by her comfort with Foot Levelers 5th Avenue Collection.

About Foot Levelers
Foot Levelers, Inc. is the world's leading provider of custom-made Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers and other therapeutic products that have served the healthcare profession for over 50 years.  Throughout its history, the company has had a positive influence on patient wellness and education, and a strong commitment to community.  Foot Levelers products have helped over a million people enjoy fuller and happier lives at work, home, or at play.